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Сумерки - Новолуние

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Continuity, by the way,
being in editing terms,
making sure that things match,
so you don't cut from one moment
where a guy is standing
with his arms crossed,
and then the next moment his hands are up
in the air.
Now, when I worked on this scene
in the script,
I pushed for Jacob to be suddenly
and unexpectedly aggressive.
And people were like,
''Well, that's weird. Why would he do that?''
And I thought, ''Well, this will be good.
''It'll signal something is up,
something's wrong here,
''and this usually very sweet-natured Jacob
is acting very odd. ''
BELLA.: (ON PHONE) He won't let me visit,
but would you call me?
LAMBERT.: And it's a little gesture
towards the sort of sudden nature
of the transformation
from human being to wolf,
which is gonna come later, as well, isn't it?
WEITZ.: Yeah, that it's very, very rapid-fire.
BELLA.: I just wanted to hear your voice,
so no pressure.
Jacob, please...
Call me.
WEITZ.: Okay, so that was fake rain,
by the way, amazing fake rain.
What the heck is going on
with that salmon up there,
which seems to be swimming around
without any skin?
He's a pre-smoked salmon.
It's amazing that you can catch
pre-smoked salmon in Forks, Washington.
So, okay, Bella's very much realizing
how much of a lifesaver Jacob has been,
and is about to go over to him.
But meanwhile, we're still trying to press
the fact that people are dying in Forks,
leading to the question,
why is Charlie going fishing?
Why isn't he on the case?
Okay, well, this moment usually leads
to some hoots and hollers.
Jacob, short hair, buffed out, tattoo, damn.
I think that was my swear, wasn't it?
LAMBERT.: I don't know.
I think you may have used two now, Chris.
WEITZ.: Oh, no. Oh, dear.
LAMBERT.: We'll have to
do the whole thing again.
WEITZ.: Well, now, I love this sequence,
although it really involved
torturing the poor actors,
because all this rain is fake rain,
but it's very, very cold.
Imagine, it's very cold
here in British Columbia.
I'm all dressed up in a parka, you know,
with a scarf and a nice hat,
and poor Taylor is naked from the waist up,
and we're dumping ice cold water
from these towers onto them.
For about the first few takes,
Kristen's contacts,
because you know
she has these hazel eyes,
which are, you know, quite a special color,
and they're re-colored with brown contacts,
they were getting washed out.
So, eventually the eye color
that was put back in was done with CGI.
Yeah, poor Taylor here is...
I mean, you can tell, actually,
from some of these shots
that the water's so cold
that steam is rising off him,
which only works to my advantage
because, of course, he's supposed to be
a wolf running a very high temperature.
But there are moments
where you can almost tell
that he's shivering with the cold,
but I see it as intense emotion.
LAMBERT.: I remember this was shot
within the first week of shooting, I think.
-WEITZ.: Yeah.
-And I remember
it was definitely one of Taylor's
first big scenes,
and I remember just watching,
the day after in the dailies trailer,
all of the material that was shot for this
and there just being
this kind of palpable feeling of excitement
that he was really nailing it.
-It's a good scene.
WEITZ.: Yeah, it's a really lovely one,
and Taylor is great in it,
and I always knew
he was gonna bring it home,
which makes me so proud of him.
Maybe give me, like,
some time or something.
LAMBERT.: Incidentally,
there's a little musical motif coming up,
which is almost my favorite bit
of music in the movie,
and it never recurs anywhere else in it,
-but it's an absolute humdinger.
-WEITZ.: Which bit?
LAMBERT.: It's literally about to happen
if I'm hearing this at the same time
as you are.
It's coming up now. It's just amazing.
It kind of swells. They swell it in the mix,
and here it goes. Now.
Not anymore.
This doesn't even matter. All right?
LAMBERT.: And Alexandre's
only used it
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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