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-Not so much.
-LAMBERT.: It's Christopher.
WEITZ.: Okay, that was a dude.
-But you know...
-LAMBERT.: The rest is all Kristen.
WEITZ.: The rest is all Kristen.
LAMBERT.: And the person
driving the motorbike
when Jacob comes up is, in fact, a woman.
No, it's not. That's Taylor.
No more bikes.
-LAMBERT.: Here comes a big moment.
-Here comes a big moment.
Now, this used to be a wider shot.
All you ladies who wanted a wider shot
of Taylor taking his shirt off,
I had it in
and then Stephenie Meyer called it
Jacob's Chippendales audition,
and so we went to a tighter shot of it.
LAMBERT.: A tighter and quicker shot,
as well,
where he kind of does it all a bit quicker.
The one we originally had,
which I think you could probably see
in the Comic-Con footage online,
-he kind of labors it a little.
-WEITZ.: He sort of luxuriates in it.
It is a bit much. It's true.
LAMBERT.: Good for Comic-Con
but not necessary at this stage.
You're sort of beautiful.
LAMBERT.: Now this is
when he should kiss her.
WEITZ.: Yeah, here's where Jacob loses
another great chance,
but he's too nice a guy.
She's just hit her head, so...
LAMBERT.: No, you don't kiss a girl
when she's just hit her head.
WEITZ.: Why don't we count out
the number of times
he has missed opportunities?
Twice so far, I'd say, at least.
LAMBERT.: What was the first time again?
I've forgotten.
WEITZ.: I think it was when he started talking
about Edward Cullen.
He couldn't have kissed her then,
but he really shouldn't have said that,
so two mistakes,
two Jacob romantic mistakes,
guys, anyone out there listening.
So now, Kristen has been
sort of pulled back into the world
by her association with Jacob.
She's ready to deal with
-humanity again.
-LAMBERT.: It's nice the way the music
that's kind of represented
her sort of tender feelings towards Jacob
at the end of the last scene
continues through
to the moment where she decides
to join her friends.
It's like somehow there's a link.
WEITZ.: And she goes to join
her unfeasibly attractive normal friends.
And I really like this bit with Mike here.
It's really well-delivered, his kind of...
I don't know. It's terribly funny,
but it's also rather touching at the moment.
I mean, the guy who really loses
in all of this is Mike,
-much worse than Jacob, I think, in a way.
-LAMBERT.: Yeah.
WEITZ.: Although, Jacob goes through
a lot more with Bella,
so I suppose he's got more to lose,
but Mike, Mike is just...
LAMBERT.: And Jacob also has to turn
into a wolf, as well.
Mike doesn't have to live with that.
WEITZ.: And also, Mike could have gone out
with Jessica, and he dumped her.
That was probably
-the biggest mistake of his life.
-LAMBERT.: Douche. Douche move.
WEITZ.: They might get back together.
Who knows? Do they?
LAMBERT.: I'm trying to remember.
We'll have to watch
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse to find out.
Coming out in June 2010.
WEITZ.: I love this moment here where...
Oh, no, we missed it.
Where Kristen says, ''Yeah, I'd like to go, ''
and then she has nothing to add,
and you sort of see her opening her mouth
and closing it.
Now, Face Punch is a title
that my brother and I always thought
would be a great name for a hockey movie,
and so I had to give a list of clearable titles
for action movies,
and Face Punch was one of the two
that cleared.
You'd be surprised the number
of stupid names for action movies
that have actually been turned
into stupid action movies.
The only choices we had
were Face Punch and Kill Hunt.
We went with Face Punch.
I think that was the right choice.
WEITZ.: Yeah. Definitely.
LAMBERT.: I love this scene, as well.
-WEITZ.: I do, too, where Jacob is kind of...
-He's so sweet.
WEITZ.: Jacob's sweet,
but he's also sort of messing with Mike,
and Mike is really being a bit pissy
with Jacob, but Jacob is
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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