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Сумерки - Новолуние

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Michael Sheen, of course, loved it,
and that's why he is wearing it
at the end of the movie.
WEITZ.: Oh, yes, we like to joke about
reusing wigs, but we didn't. We really didn't.
-LAMBERT.: No, it's a different wig.
...really stupid and reckless.
Yeah, l mean,
it's completely stupid...
WEITZ.: So, we're gonna do a little thing here
where Jacob manages to lift this bike,
and what it involves is having it
on a very strong crane rig
which can lift it, making it look
as though Jacob is actually putting in
just enough force to lift it,
and then erasing the wires
that were holding it up.
And that thing is fricking heavy.
I tried lifting it myself.
There is no way that even Taylor Lautner,
with his improved Taylor Lautner 2.0 body,
could have done it.
So, it's a nice little moment there.
lt feels like that sometimes.
WEITZ.: And this song is
by the Magic Numbers,
but what you don't get to in this part of it
is the part by Amadou and Mariam,
who are this Senegalese duo,
and I recommend their music very highly.
They're on our soundtrack.
Did I just see a mike?
I thought I saw a boom up there.
Oh, wait, never mind, anyway.
LAMBERT.: Maybe you're looking at it
in the wrong aspect ratio.
WEITZ.: I think I'm probably looking
at the wrong aspect ratio, yeah.
LAMBERT.: Yeah, that'll be it.
WEITZ.: Okay, well, this lovely barn here,
designed by David Brisbin,
our production designer,
and his wonderful crew,
filled with lovely stuff,
and when you build these interiors,
you want it to be full of detail and interest
and lovely, crunchy texture
for the light to play off of,
but you don't want things
to pop out so much
that you're not paying attention
to the actors.
And so now we're establishing
this lovely friendship
that's forming between him and Kristen.
I think it conveys very well the life
that he's kind of infusing into her,
and that's kind of what Taylor is like.
He's just such a wonderful, warm person.
Now, here come Quil and Embry.
The guy who's playing Quil,
Tyson Houseman...
I love this joke, by the way,
where he's just so keen on himself.
I think he was just kind of walking around
and saw a big line of people and said,
''What's going on?''
And they're like, ''Somebody's lining up,
people are lining up
''to audition for this movie, ''
and then he found himself,
about a week later, cast as Quil.
-LAMBERT.: That's pretty cool.
And Kiowa does not have hair like that.
That is a wig, also.
A rather good wig.
You want funny, Black? l'll give you funny.
WEITZ.: The thing here, I think, was to cast
guys who just seemed like regular kids.
All the Quileutes
were played by First Nations,
as they call them in Canada,
or Native American actors.
And also, they don't talk about ''my tribe''
and ''my people'' all the time,
which I think Native Americans
and First Nations people
are really sick of hearing in everything,
every piece of popular culture
that involves an Indian,
as they're often called.
Okay, this is another motion control shot,
which means that you can sort of stay
within the same atmosphere,
but pick it up at very different times of day
with the actors in positions it would have
been impossible for them to reach.
So, very subtly,
you see their relationship developing
as this bike comes together,
as the time of day changes.
And you hardly notice it happening,
but they're changing positions,
they're changing relative to one another,
and things are coming together,
especially motorbikes.
-And I think...
-LAMBERT.: Until Jacob messes it up.
WEITZ.: I know. Poor Jake. He's kind of
always saying the wrong thing at the time.
Why is he talking
about Edward Cullen now?
He's like, ''I shouldn't have said that.
That was a mistake. ''
LAMBERT.: And it did lead
to an entire nightmare scene, didn't it?
WEITZ.: Yeah.
LAMBERT.: Which we took out
for various reasons.
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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