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Сумерки - Новолуние

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to make lines
which are about the soul or big ideas,
but to somehow sell them.
There's gonna be a lovely moment here
where even though Edward is usually
the strong one, the aggressor,
Bella, just by kind of force of character,
backs him up.
You know, she is the one
who's forcing the issue here, really,
and although Edward cannot be moved,
you know,
he's practically made of stone,
she backs him up here.
So can l ask one thing?
WEITZ.: ''What, Bella? What do you want?''
Okay, now, when...
Usually in these kisses,
we're on Bella's side, as it were.
So, you have two sides to choose from
when you're shooting a kiss,
and I would say...
Now I'm gonna get myself in trouble.
Bella looks better when she's kissing
than Rob does.
Kristen looks better when she's kissing
than Rob does.
LAMBERT.: You're only saying that because
you ate her burger the other day.
WEITZ.: Yeah, that's true. Sorry, Kristen.
I know you were hungry,
but it was so delicious.
That burger was just...
There are burger salvage rights.
If you leave a burger for long enough,
someone's allowed to eat it. Anyway...
LAMBERT.: The ''I love you, '' should we give
the game away about that line,
-''I love you, '' from Kristen?
-WEITZ.: Yes. Absolutely.
LAMBERT.: It's a little bit of a sneaky cheat.
WEITZ.: Yeah, well, that's an ADR line,
which is a line that was recorded
after the fact, in which Bella says,
''I love you. '' And in fact,
she's saying something else
at that moment,
but you can barely tell.
LAMBERT.: I don't think
she's saying anything.
I think she's just taking a breath
and about to say
something completely different.
WEITZ.: Interesting. Okay.
So we wanted this moment.
And, you know, in the first film,
they hadn't said, ''I love you, '' at all,
and we thought that it would be
very, very interesting to have her say that.
It's actually Kristen and Rob
who came up with the idea.
At this moment where things
are really just going wrong,
rather than in the moment
where things are going quite right.
And it's kind of, you know,
strange and upsetting,
but the whole point about this sequence
of the movie is things going wrong
and sort of what happens
after ''happily ever after''
and the kind of weird, tragic beauty
of a romance going wrong.
-I'm sure you know all about that, Peter.
-LAMBERT.: I certainly do, yeah. Yeah.
This music's beautiful.
WEITZ.: This is Bon Iver,
and it is a beautiful track.
And St. Vincent,
and it is a gorgeous, gorgeous track.
And this shot of Kristen is fantastic
in the way that she transitions
between the relief of seeing Edward,
and then realizing something's wrong,
in part because
he's still wearing the same clothes.
Now, it should be pointed out
that vampires do not have body odor,
so when he wears clothes for
several days in a row, or for months, in fact,
it's okay. It's all right. It's just
the clothes are getting worn down.
Anyway, here we are, and I believe
this is near Capilano Gorge in Vancouver.
And this is the big breakup scene,
and this is the scene that killed me
when it got out on the Net.
I was so sad, because I wanted audiences
to see it for the first time
as part of the whole picture.
LAMBERT.: I love the way the camera works
on this scene,
the kind of slightly sort of nauseous sense
of it moving in and then falling back again
and then moving in.
It's kind of like waves of badness.
WEITZ.: There's...
We had Dave Crone,
who's a fantastic Steadicam operator.
Steadicam is a system
whereby you've got a guy
who's essentially holding up the camera,
and it kind of floats.
And you can see there's a floatiness to this.
And it works here because
her world is sort of floating away from her.
And, you know,
we started with them together,
we're separating them gradually,
forcing into them so that we get the impact.
Then we'll jump back,
and you'll feel sort of a distance
in an over-the-shoulder shot like this.
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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