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Сумерки - Новолуние

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little sort of self-effacing smile
and looks down like
he's actually responding to the audience.
It was good timing.
WEITZ.: I have to say,
I have to take credit for it.
I always knew that was gonna happen,
and I knew that his smile
would almost seem to be in response
-to an audience actually reacting to him.
-LAMBERT.: You're pretty clever.
WEITZ.: Okay, now this is another example
of my genius. In that two-shot,
when Jacob comes into the two-shot,
he completely blocks out Edward,
showing the possibility
that he may be a threat to him.
LAMBERT.: Is that
what they call foreshadowing
-in the directing business?
-WEITZ.: Yes, it is, actually.
Yeah, in the directing biz,
we call it ''being really obvious. ''
No, we were shooting this
over the course of an entire day and...
LAMBERT.: This was a monster to shoot.
WEITZ.: Yeah, in Vancouver.
And the light conditions were changing,
so what you do is in the DI,
which is the digital intermediate
where you can manipulate colors
and light variations,
we made it as even as possible,
so that it didn't seem like a sunny day
and that Edward should be glowing and all.
And... Oh, poor Edward.
Edward, yeah, in some way, senses
that Jacob might be a better match
for Bella,
and so, to me, he's a bit sad here.
And here, me being obvious again,
when Jacob talks about bad dreams
and lifts the dream catcher,
it's practically obscuring Edward.
And I've often thought how this is
very much like the Brady Bunch episode
where the tiki is introduced.
You could actually say that
this movie is about what happens
when Jacob gives Bella
an evil dream catcher
and everything starts to go wrong
in her life.
LAMBERT.: We should have changed
the music for that to a kind of...
...when he brought it out.
WEITZ.: Hello, Alice. Here she comes.
People cheer.
-LAMBERT.: She's just been in the art class.
-Yes, lovely smock, Alice.
And there's old Jackson
hanging back there.
Now, there is some controversy
over whether Jasper's mood control powers
could actually work on Bella, given that
she's so resistant to vampire powers,
but it turns out that Jasper's powers work
on her adrenal glands, not on her brain.
Therefore, it can calm her down,
which is why she found herself
willing to agree to go
to this gathering at the Cullens',
so that's why, really.
You can't trust vampires. Trust me.
WEITZ.: And this was an ad-lib by Rob,
which he subsequently hated,
but I think it's quite nice.
...hath had no power yet upon thy beauty.
Thou art not conquered.
Beauty's ensign yet is crimson
in thy lips and in thy cheeks.
And death's pale flag is not advanced there.
BELLA: l hate being celebrated.
EDWARD: There are worse tragedies.
l mean, look at Romeo.
Killed his true love out of sheer stupidity.
BELLA: Yeah.
Though l do envy him one thing.
BELLA: Juliet is, like, perfect.
lf you like
that obviously beautiful sort of thing.
Not the girl, the suicide.
WEITZ.: Now, here's this kind of rather odd
discussion about suicide where
Edward is surprisingly upbeat
about the notion.
And I thought it was an interesting way
for them to play it.
I mean, for him, the idea of dying
has its own sort of appeal,
except that he'd have
to say goodbye to Bella.
But as an immortal who has doubts
about his own soul,
the idea of ending his existence
is less upsetting
than it is to Bella who, of course,
can't stand the notion.
Flashback to Twilight, and we're back.
What was the plan?
WEITZ.: Moment of silence
as I think of what to say.
Anyway, I quite enjoy
Rob's performance here,
and I can't let a sentimental moment go by
without interrupting it with a bit of comedy.
So, Mr. Berty messes with Edward,
and the entire class turns,
and then suddenly we realize
that vampires have perfect recall.
So, for him, he's been through high school
a bunch of times.
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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