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Сумерки - Новолуние

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better, I think,
when we get to Italy,
but, obviously, this was a very big deal
to kind of re-imagine the diamond shots
and get the effect
both of subsurface scattering,
which is the light under the skin,
and also to have these rays of light
coming out.
LAMBERT.: You guys looked at lots
of references, didn't you?
I remember there were loads of diamonds
and things like that.
WEITZ.: We did, and it turns out diamonds
don't actually scatter light outwards,
but people think they do.
So that's what we did.
And in fact, when we first shot this,
Rob had these kind of black dots
all over his face to mark positions,
and he looked like a plague victim.
If you can imagine Rob ever, ever looking
not incredibly super handsome,
that might be the time.
LAMBERT.: The shot coming out of the mirror,
that was like a...
We made a mistake with
that visual effect originally.
We forgot that Edward's not meant
to sparkle in it to start with,
I seem to remember.
And then we got a note from Stephenie
saying he shouldn't be sparkling
in the reflection.
WEITZ.: Wow, this film is going quickly.
Okay, notice in the book here on the left
that you see Montepulciano,
or rather Volterra,
in the illustration
of the Romeo and Juliet book.
LAMBERT.: That took me about two months
before I noticed that.
WEITZ.: Bella doesn't seem very grateful
about her presents. I don't know why.
I think Kristen was in a bad mood that day.
By the way, the reason
that the kids aren't here today
is because at the after party
for the premiere,
they ordered some burgers, right.
They took quite a while to come,
and they left them sitting there,
and I think I ate Kristen's hamburger,
and when she came back, it was all gone.
So there's a bit of
an actor revolt against me,
which is why I had to call in Peter.
The old gray hair joke. He slays them.
Happy birthday.
-WEITZ.: Lovely Billy Burke.
-He's great.
WEITZ.: Very funny and not as old
as his mustache would imply.
Actually quite a sexy young guy,
if I do say so.
LAMBERT.: It's amazing
how a 'tache can age a man.
WEITZ.: Yeah, it is. It is.
I think when I want to look more
sophisticated, I'm gonna wear one.
LAMBERT.: This top shot
of the truck is the sort of...
It was not the top shot
of the truck anymore,
I just realized from the dialogue I'm hearing.
But it's the one little bit
that reminds me of Twilight.
It's like the start of Twilight, that shot.
-Oh, yeah.
-Wherefore art thou, Bella?
Let me take a picture of you guys.
My mom wants me to put together, like,
a scrapbook full of memories.
ERlC: Oh.
MlKE: Cool. Yeah.
l take them. l'm not in them.
-No, no, no, come here.
-BELLA: Well, you are today.
You'll photoshop this
if my nose looks big, right?
ERlC: Don't worry, l'm in the picture.
No one will...
WEITZ.: Volvo, one of our sponsors,
offered us a new car for Edward,
and I thought, well, if I leave the car
the same color as before, you know,
people are gonna think
that I'm treating them like idiots,
like they can't tell the difference
between one model of car and another.
So I thought, well, we'll make it black.
We won't make it too glossy black.
It'll be kind of coal black,
and that'll show depression and sorrow.
And, yes, and here comes dream boat.
Bella, your birth is definitely
something to celebrate.
Yeah, but my aging's not.
WEITZ.: And for the longest time,
Peter thought he said,
''Your breath is something to celebrate, ''
not ''your birth. ''
LAMBERT.: I thought it was just creepy.
WEITZ.: Yeah, well, she does have
very good breath, I'm sure, Bella,
but it was her birth.
LAMBERT.: Yeah, I kind of like that
sort of slow motion shot
of him walking towards Kristen.
When we saw it with an audience
at the premiere for the first time,
everyone cheered when Rob came on,
and then almost like
a perfect response to them cheering,
he does that
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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