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that you can fix up.
Im never gonna run right.
So I should be fair to you.
Its because of him, right?
I know what he did to you.
But, Bella, l would never ever do that.
I won't ever hurt you. l promise.
I won't let you down.
You can count on me.
MIKE: Well,
I need to go home.
I was feeling sick before the movie. Okay?
What is your problem?
Right now? You're my problem.
Feeling sick?
Maybe you need to go to the hospital.
You want me to put you in the hospital?
Jake! Jake. Jake, the movie's over.
What are you doing?
You're really hot.
Like, you feel like you have a fever.
Are you okay?
I don't know what's happening.
I gotta go.
That dude is weird.
your dad says you have mono.
He won't let me visit,
but would you call me?
Hey, it's me again. I just...
Im sorry about what I said
at the movie theater.
I just wanted to hear your voice,
so no pressure.
Jacob, please...
Call me.
Okay. We should be back around 3:00.
Look, l don't have to go fishing today.
Yes, you do.
Yeah, you do.
Go. What are you talking about?
Just be careful.
Always am.
Those bears won't get the drop on me,
My kung fu is strong.
You cut your hair off?
And got a tattoo?
l thought you were too sick to come outside
or pick up the phone when l call.
Go away.
Go away.
What happened to you? What's...
Hey! What happened?
Did Sam get to you?
Is that what's happening?
Sam's trying to help me. Don't blame him.
But if you want somebody to blame,
how about those filthy bloodsuckers
you love, the Cullens?
l don't know what you're talking about.
No, you know exactly
what Im talking about.
You've been lying to everyone. Charlie.
But you can't lie to me.
-Not anymore, Bella.
-SAM: Jacob!
Look, Bella,
we can't be friends anymore.
(CRYING) Look, Jake,
l know that Ive been hurting you.
Its killing me. It kills me.
l just need... Maybe give me, like,
-some time or something.
-Look, don't.
Its not you.
Its not you, it's me, right? Really?
Its true. It is me.
Im not good.
l used to be a good kid.
Not anymore.
This doesn't even matter. All right?
This is over.
You can't break up with me.
l mean...
l mean, you're my best friend.
You promised me.
l know.
l promised l wouldn't hurt you, Bella.
And this is me keeping that promise.
Go home
and don't come back
or you're gonna get hurt.
BELLA: Alice,
things are...
Things are bad again.
Without Jake, l just... l can't stand it.
l don't see Edward anymore.
Will it really feel like he never existed?
l will find the place
where l can see him again.
l didn't expect to find you here.
l went to visit the Cullens,
but the house is empty.
Im surprised they left you behind.
Weren't you sort of
a pet of theirs?
Yeah. You could say that.
Do the Cullens visit often?
Yeah, absolutely, all the time.
Lie better.
Ill tell them that you stopped by.
But l probably shouldn't
tell Edward,
'cause he's pretty protective.
But he's far away, isn't he?
Why are you here?
I came as a favor to Victoria.
-She asked me to see
if you were still under
the protection of the Cullens.
Victoria feels it's only fair
to kill Edward's mate,
given he killed hers.
An eye for an eye.
Threaten him.
Edward would know who did it.
And he'd come after you.
l don't think he will.
After all, how much could you mean to him
if he left you here unprotected?
Victoria won't be happy
about my killing you,
but l can't help myself.
You are so mouth-watering.
-Please, don't. l mean, you helped us.
-No, no, no, no.
Don't be afraid. Im doing you a kindness.
(SOFTLY) Victoria plans on killing you
whereas Ill make it quick.
l promise.
You will feel nothing.
Edward, l
 -  -


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