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Сумерки - Новолуние

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Shall we, Jane?
- Pain.
Don't. Please stop!
Stop! Stop hurting him!
Please, please!
Go ahead, my dear.
This may hurt just a little.
She confounds us all.
So, what we do with you now?
You already know
what you're going to do, Aro.
She knows too much,
she's a liability.
That's true.
Please! No, no!
Please! Please!
Kill me... kill me.
Not him.
How extraordinary.
You would give up your life
for someone like us.
A vampire.
A soulless monster.
Just get away from him!
You don't know a thing about his soul.
"Forse nи del vostro l'uno l'altro"
(Maybe yours is one or the other)
This is a sadness.
If only it be your intention
to give her immortality.
Bella will be one of us.
I've seen it.
I'll change her myself.
To see, what you have seen.
Before it is happened.
Your gifts will make for
an intriguing
Go now.
Make your preparations.
Let us be done with this.
Heidi will arrive, any moment.
Thank you for your visit.
- We'll return the favor.
I would advise that you follow through on your
promise soon. We do not offer second chances.
Goodbye, my young friends.
Nice fishing, Heidi.
Yes, they do look rather juicy.
Save some for me.
This way, please.
Stay together.
Stop! Stop!
You're here.
You can sleep.
I'll still be here
when you wake up.
Bella, the only reason
I left
...was because I thought
I was protecting you.
I needed you to have a chance...
...at a normal, happy life.
It was so easy for you to leave.
Leaving you was the hardest thing
I've done in a 100 years.
I swear...
I will never fail you again.
I'm so sorry.
Charlie's coming.
- Hey!
You okay?
Dad, you don't have to worry.
Yeah, last time you said that you took off.
I didn't see you for three days.
I'm really sorry, Dad.
Bella, do not ever do that
to me again.
And you're grounded...
...for the rest of your life.
I'm not technically breaking
any of his rules.
He did say, I couldn't take a step
inside through the door.
I came in through the window.
He's not going to forgive me easily.
I know.
Can you?
I hope you can because...
I honestly don't know
how to live without you.
Come here.
Once Alice changes me,
...you can't get rid of me.
She won't need to change you.
There are always ways to keep
the Volturi in the dark.
You all know what I want.
And I know,
how much I'm asking for.
The only thing I can think of...
for it to be fair is to just vote.
You don't know what you just...
- Shut up!
I already consider you my sister.
- Thank you.
I vote, 'yes'.
It would be nice to not wanna
kill you all the time.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, both of you,
for the way I've acted.
And I'm really grateful that you were brave
enough to go and save my brother.
But this isn't a life
I would have chosen for myself.
And I wish that there had been
someone to vote 'no' for me.
So... 'no'.
I vote hell yeah!
We can pick a fight with
these Volturi's some other way.
I already consider you,
a part of the family.
Why are you doing this to me?
You know what this means.
- You've chosen not to live without her,
...which leaves me no choice.
I won't lose my son.
I'll wait until after graduation...
...to make it easier on Charlie.
I want you to be the one
to do it.
He wants to talk to me.
See, you're still alive for now.
He thinks, it's me keeping you away.
You stay the hell out of my head.
Jacob, I know you have
something to say to me.
But I wanna say something to you first.
If that's alright?
Thank you.
Thank you for keeping
Bella alive when I didn’t.
No, you didn't.
And it wasn't for your benefit,
trust me.
I'm still grateful.
But I'm here now.
And I'm not gonna leave her side
till she orders me away.
We'll see.
Hey, my turn to talk.
I'm here to remind you about
a key point in the Treaty.
I haven't
Сумерки - Новолуние Сумерки - Новолуние

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