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Go now.
Make your preparations.
Let us be done with this.
Heidi will arrive any moment.
Thank you for your visit.
CAIUS: We will return the favor.
l would advise that you follow through
on your promise soon.
We do not offer second chances.
ARO: Goodbye, my young friends.
DEMETRI: Nice fishing, Heidi.
Yes, they do look rather juicy.
Save some for me.
HEIDI: This way, please. Stay together.
Stop! Stop!
You're here.
You can sleep.
Ill still be here when you wake up.
Bella, the only reason l left
was because l thought
l was protecting you.
l needed you
to have a chance at a normal, happy life.
It was so easy for you to leave.
Leaving you was the hardest thing
Ive done in 1 00 years.
And l swear,
l will never fail you again.
Im so sorry.
-Charlie's coming.
You okay?
Im fine.
Dad, you don't have to worry.
You know, last time you said that,
you took off.
l didn't see you for three days.
Im really sorry, Dad.
Bella, do not ever do that to me again.
And you're grounded
for the rest of your life.
Im not technically
breaking any of his rules.
He did say
l couldn't take a step inside the door.
l came in through the window.
He's not gonna forgive me easily.
l know.
Can you?
l hope you can,
'cause l honestly don't know
how to live without you.
Come here.
Once Alice changes me,
you can't get rid of me.
She won't need to change you.
There are always ways
to keep the Volturi in the dark.
No. No.
You all know what l want.
And l know how much Im asking for.
The only thing that l can think of
for it to be fair is to just vote.
-You don't know what you're talking about.
-Shut up.
l already consider you my sister.
-Thank you.
JASPER: l vote "yes."
It would be nice to not
want to kill you all the time.
ROSALIE: Im sorry.
Im really sorry to both of you
for how I've acted,
and Im really grateful
that you were brave enough
to go and save my brother.
But this isn't a life
l would have chosen for myself.
And l wish that there'd been someone
to vote "no" for me.
So, no.
I vote "Hell, yeah."
And we can pick a fight
with these Volturi some other way.
I already consider you a part of the family.
Why are you doing this to me?
You know what this means.
You've chosen not to live without her,
which leaves me no choice.
I won't lose my son.
BELLA: Ill wait until after graduation
to make it easier on Charlie.
Edward, I want you to be the one to do it.
He wants to talk to me.
JACOB: So you're still alive for now.
EDWARD: He thinks it's me keeping
you away.
JACOB: You stay the hell out of my head.
Jacob, I know you have something
to say to me.
But l want to say something to you first,
if that's all right.
Thank you.
Thank you for keeping Bella alive
when I didn't.
No. You didn't.
And it wasn't for your benefit, trust me.
Im still grateful.
But Im here now.
Im not gonna leave her side
until she orders me away.
We'll see.
Hey, my turn to talk.
Im here to remind you
about a key point in the treaty.
I haven't forgotten.
What key point?
lf any of them bites a human,
the truce is over.
But if I choose it,
it has nothing to do with you.
No. No, I won't let you.
You're not gonna be one of them, Bella.
Its not up to you.
You know what we'll do to you.
I won't have a choice.
Bella, please, come.
Is he gonna hurt me? Read his mind.
I love you.
So, please,
don't make me choose,
'cause it'll be him.
Its always been him.
-Goodbye, Jacob.
-No, you don't speak for her!
Bella, get out of here.
BELLA: Stop!
You can't hurt each other
without hurting me.
He's right.
You shouldn't become what l am.
I can't do this alone.
Then, please, just wait.
 -  -


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