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Who's this?
JARED: Bella Swan. Who else?
So, you're the vampire girl.
So, you're the wolf girl.
Guess so.
Well, Im engaged to one.
Save some for your brothers.
And ladies first. Muffin?
Sure. Thanks.
Leave it to Jacob to find a way
around Sam's gag order.
He didn't say anything to me.
That's a wolf thing.
Alpha's orders get obeyed
whether we want them to or not.
And check it out.
We can hear each other's thoughts.
Would you shut up?
These are trade secrets. Damn it!
This chick runs with vampires.
You can't really run with vampires.
'Cause they're fast.
Yeah? Well, we're faster.
Freaked out yet?
You're not the first monsters Ive met.
SAM: Jake's right. You're good with weird.
So you're a werewolf?
Yeah. Last time l checked.
A few lucky members
of the tribe have the gene.
A bloodsucker moves into town
and the fever sets in.
Yeah. l wish.
Well, can't you find a way to just stop?
l mean, it's wrong.
Its not a lifestyle choice, Bella.
l was born this way. l can't help it.
You're such a hypocrite. What,
Im not the right kind of monster for you?
Its not what you are.
Its what you do. They never hurt anybody.
You've killed people, Jake.
Bella, we're not killing anyone.
Then who is?
What we're trying
to protect you people from,
the only thing we do kill,
Wait, Jake, you can't.
Don't worry.
We can't touch your little precious Cullens
unless they violate the treaty.
That's not what Im saying.
You can't kill vampires. They'll...
They'll kill you.
Really? We took out that leech
with the dreads easy enough.
And his red-headed girlfriend is next.
Victoria's here?
Was. We chased her all the way
to the Canadian border the other night.
She keeps coming back.
We don't know what she's after.
l do.
Don't worry. We've got this place covered.
She won't get near you or Charlie.
Look, you've got to be careful.
She's fast. You don't know how fast she is.
You know, your lack of confidence in us
is a little insulting.
All right, Id better go.
You gotta go?
Got a vampire to kill.
BELLA: Alice, Im all right.
Until Im alone.
And lately, that's all the time.
Jacob's gone. He's hunting Victoria.
And Charlie's hunting Jacob.
And you're gone.
And so is Edward.
And there's just nothing now.
You got something, Harry?
Nope. Nothing.
But l realize where l have to go,
what l have to do to see him again.
A tear in my brain
Allows the voices in
They wanna push you off the path
With their frequency wires
And you can do no wrong
In my eyes
You can do no wrong
In my eyes
A drunken salesman
Your hearing damage
Your mind is restless
They say you're getting better
But you don't feel any better
Your speakers are blowing
Your ears are wrecking
Your hearing damage
You wish you felt better
You can do no wrong
In my eyes
EDWARD: Don't do this.
You wanted me to be human.
Watch me.
EDWARD: Please.
For me.
You won't stay with me any other way.
Bella, please.
This constant noise all the time
Even though you're the only one l see
JACOB: Breathe!
Come on, Bella, breathe!
Bella? Bella, can you hear me?
Come here.
What the hell were you thinking?
l just wanted to see something.
Get her home!
Im gonna go help out over at Harry's place.
What happened at Harry's?
Harry Clearwater had a heart attack.
Charlie and my dad
are over at his place with his family.
Is he okay?
He's gone.
Come on. Ill get you something dry
and drive you home.
1 08 degrees over here.
My hands are freezing.
It must be nice, never getting cold.
Its a wolf thing.
Its not.
Its a Jacob thing.
You're just warm.
You're like your own sun.
This is better, now that you know about me.
You saw what happened to
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