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he will.
After all, how much could you mean to him
if he left you here unprotected?
Victoria won't be happy
about my killing you,
but l can't help myself.
You are so mouth-watering.
-Please, don't. l mean, you helped us.
-No, no, no, no.
Don't be afraid. Im doing you a kindness.
(SOFTLY) Victoria plans on killing you
whereas Ill make it quick.
l promise.
You will feel nothing.
Edward, l love you.
l don't believe it.
-Dad! l saw them.
-What's the matter?
-In the woods. They're not bears.
-What do you mean "in the woods"?
Bell, what the hell
were you doing out in the woods?
They're wolves.
l mean, they're like huge wolves.
Are you sure about that, Bella?
Yeah! l just saw them.
They were after something.
You saw them?
All right, well, Harry,
feel like going hunting?
Get some of your guys together?
Sure, yeah, Ill just...
BELLA: By now, those wolves will be dead,
and Laurent would have told her
Im unprotected.
l should go to the station.
Yeah, you should. You should go.
CHARLIE: Can you just stay in the house?
You scared me.
-What the hell are you doing?
-Back up. Im coming up.
Look, Im sorry.
-For what?
-l wish l could explain.
But l literally can't.
Have you ever had a secret
you couldn't tell anyone,
one that wasn't yours to share?
Well, that's what it's like for me.
But worse.
You have no idea how tight Im bound.
l hate this.
l hate what they've done to you.
l mean, the killer part is, you already know.
Bella, do you remember
when we walked on the beach at La Push?
The story. The story about
the cold ones.
l guess l understand
why that's the only part you remember.
There's gotta be something that you can do.
No. Im in it for life.
Well, maybe we should just
get out of here for a while.
Just leave,
just you and me.
You'd do that?
l would do it for you.
Its not something
l can just run away from, Bella.
But l would run away with you
if l could.
l gotta go.
They'll start wondering where l am.
Come here.
(SOFTLY) Please,
try to remember.
It'd be so much easier
if you knew.
Ill try. But, Jake...
Jake, what are you doing? Wait, Jake.
Edward, Im scared.
You should be.
JACOB: Really, it's just like an old story.
Im not really supposed
to say anything about it.
Did you know Quileutes
are supposedly descended from wolves?
l need to see him.
He's not in.
-Okay, Im sorry, l really need to see him.
What did you do?
-Okay, what did you do?
-What did you do to him?
He didn't want this.
What did we do? What did he do?
What'd he tell you?
-Both of you calm down.
He tells me nothing
because he's scared of you.
-Too late now.
-SAM: Bella, get back!
SAM: Paul, calm down, now!
Jake, run!
SAM: Paul!
Hey! Take Bella back to Emily's place.
EMBRY: Guess the wolf's out of the bag.
BELLA: Alice, is it possible that everything
is true?
The fairy tales and horror stories?
Is it possible that there isn't anything
sane or normal at all?
Hey, l think we should go back
and see if Jacob's okay.
l hope Paul sinks some teeth in him.
Serves him right.
No way. Jacob's a natural.
You see him phase on the fly?
l got five says Paul doesn't touch him.
Come on in, Bella. We won't bite.
Speak for yourself.
l done me wrong
And done all wrong
All the wrong Ive done
Im sure Ill live quite long
Oh, hey, about Emily, Sam's fiance?
Don't stare. It bugs Sam.
Why would l stare?
Are you guys hungry? Like l have to ask.
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