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You leave. Now. You don't want to stay here.
Don't dally. Do it.
No. I got to see Rita.
No Rita. She comes and you are gone.
Far. Nobody knows where.
Rita's not happy with you.
Rita doesn't need you.
Your lives don't cross.
I'm not going.
I'll wait for Rita here.
Then I'll decide what to do.
Is that clear?
I'll tell Rita what happened.
She'll know what kind of man you are.
Nothing actually happened.
Somebody tried to drag me into bed.
I felt awkward. I didn't want
to hurt her feelings.
But I did hold out.
You don't like me?
Well, Rita loves me.
You'll never understand how
she could love a man like me.
You think she's not happy with me.
Don't you think
there are matters
your deaf wits
will never fathom?
Hey, girl in love!
He no good.
He worthless.
It beats me. What'd you find in him?
Why, Yaya?
Remember what I said about men?
You didn't believe me.
I proved it.
Now you know.
Any woman will do.
He's not worthy of you.
Leave him.
Why lie to me?
Never was a lie.
You said we go to the country of the deaf.
You lie.
What did you tell her?
Everything! The truth! You're mean.
He deceived you.
He let you down.
I'm bad, he's good.
It's unfair.
You are wicked and cruel.
You love nobody.
You're selfish.
I want to hear no more.
But I love you!
You not drop me.
We're gonna be happy
in the country of the deaf.
No. This will never be.
I don't want your country of the deaf.
Because there is no such country!
I go, you stay.
Rita, you've come to like this deaf mute.
But you can't nurse her all your life!
Besides, she's very sick.
You are going to cry.
But it'll be too late.
If you've nothing to say I'll go.
What's wrong?
You used to jabber without let up.
Money. Now.
You want me to punish him.
Yes, he's mean. It's all unfair.
Yes, of course. No!
Rita's there.
No! Rita's good.
Don't do... to Rita.
Rita's good.
Accidentally... no... don't.
I won't.
Keep the money.
They come, you give it to them.
Why don't they come?
You hear me?
Give me 50 bucks.
Give me 50 bucks.
You said I shouldn't give you money.
Don't take it literally.
They'll come any minute.
We'll give them all the money.
That's why we are here.
Can't we take a glass of juice?
This is my day.
I've missed you. Sit by my side.
I'll just change it and be right back.
Give me 100 bucks.
Let's go. We'll say we missed them.
And see them some other day.
You like to humiliate me.
Come on, say it's your money.
Wipe your feet on me.
I can take it.
Give it to me.
I won't ask where the money comes from.
I love you. We'll be fine.
I said not to give me money.
Leave me. I'm done for.
Just leave me.
That's my fault.
Forgive me. I love you.
Stop clowning. I'm not deaf.
My God! I made you --
And you've apologized for this.
You are crazy.
No, you are a saint.
But I am an ordinary man.
Beside you I feel bloody worthless
every second.
And you'll always look at me lovingly
and not say a word of reproach.
I'll be burdened with a sense of enormous guilt
and you'll get pleasure from it.
For you like it, don't you.
But I am not going to give you
this pleasure, okay?
I belong to the people like myself.
Please don't love me and don't try to save me.
I live the way I like.
And I have fun.
So leave me alone!
He is not in.
He is gone.
I don't know where.
I want the money.
I don't have it.
After one hour
I'll cut off her ear.
And the other one after another hour.
I need to see one man.
He'll give me the money.
You've come.
Come over here.
What brings you here?
You want something?
I want money.
Pity you've come for money.
I have no one to turn to.
If I don't get it they'll kill Yaya,
then me.
He understand the human tongue?
Shut up.
Stay out of this.
She's my woman!
Alexander YATSKO
Directed by
Страна глухих Страна глухих

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