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Страна глухих

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signal and saved my life.
Deaf folks liked her.
She was my... ears.
A toast?
To honest women!
Oh, what a toast!
I don't have a wife now.
No one can save my life.
I wonder I'm alive at all.
Life is dangerous.
I need the ears.
You'll be my ears.
You don't have to hear all.
Just important things.
You'd be 100% deaf.
But I am not deaf. I can hear.
You hear millions of useless sounds.
If I could hear everything I'd go crazy.
But there are times
when I need to hear just one word, and I can't.
I need your ears.
They should think you're deaf.
You'll hear the right word
and let me know.
She knows the sign language.
No, I don't.
I need ears.
You need money.
Take your time.
Think about it.
I don't like freaks.
I like things beautiful.
What do you hear?
All sorts of sounds.
Cars riding, people talking and laughing.
The woman that has just passed.
She has metal heels.
Music is playing in that car.
That's of no use to you.
The sound is void.
There's nothing.
Just the sea.
Alyosha's on the boat.
Who's speaking?
- He's in the engine-room.
- Is he okay?
I can't speak.
Alyosha, can you hear me?
Are you okay?
He's ugly.
We should love handsome men.
He's a bad boy.
He'll always be in trouble.
He must go.
He doesn't have a place to go.
I want to live.
I don't want to die.
They won't come for him.
Okay. We'll leave when he's better.
No. Just him.
You don't belong here.
I don't like you.
I'm Yaya. You are Alyosha?
You are going to stay long with us?
You look smashing.
I do?
We have some work tonight.
Got to earn money you see.
Some day we're gonna have a lot of money
so we can have fun
and do nothing.
We are bosom friends.
We share everything.
We're very much alike.
When she goes out
for a minute
I feel bad. The same with her.
We are like sisters.
- You work.
- It's a strange story.
She'll work with her earies.
- How's that?
- She'll be deaf.
Not for long.
When there's danger touch your earing.
And I'll know. Okay?
Rita, tell him.
Lay off.
- You promised.
- Say no more.
See ya.
It's not that easy
for a girl to live on her own.
She needs food, she needs good shoes...
Get yourself whatever you need.
You should look great.
There'll be more.
Is this jazz?
You work tomorrow?
Can you tell me what you do.
I will, later.
Can't they hear anything at all?
Hey, what does it mean
to work as the deaf.
You hear what you need and
don't hear what you needn't.
Talk to me.
Say something.
Like what?
You have a nice voice.
Er... Have you always been,
I mean...
Ten years old.
I lost hearing after
my step-father had beaten me.
I remember all sounds but I can't hear them.
Teach me in your language.
I feel a perfect ass when you "talk" to Rita.
Just simple words. Tea.
- Sleep.
- Sleep.
It's like a game.
Hey, let's play some game.
Play some game?
What game?
Well, chess.
I can't play chess.
- Can you word guessing?
- No.
What game do you know?
I know twenty-first on a-fingers.
- Blackjack?
- Yeah, twenty-first.
I don't have no money.
We didn't use money at the boarding-school.
The loser takes off one thing.
- You played for undressing?
- Taking off.
And no backing off.
- The stake?
- You.
Hog, that you?
You bet it's Hog.
Mao. Nuna.
Pardon me, what's the girl's name?
She's my woman.
Cool it. Them freaks can be real jealous.
You got the dough?
You got the stuff?
Show him.
It's for you.
He says it's not enough.
He wants more.
They don't trust us.
Gimme more.
Here's the whole lot. I want to see the bread.
One, two, three. Repeat.
- Enough.
- To me.
To me.
- How much?
- It's okay.
Let him see the whole lot.
It's on the plane.
It's a shame we haven't screwed the gal.
You don't trust me.
But I trust you.
A draw?
Of course not.
Then what?
I'll make a wish.
One, two, three.
Move it, move it.
You're right.
We shouldn't have done it.
I'm sorry.
You need money? Here's
Страна глухих Страна глухих

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