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Страна глухих

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you a crass fool.
What's she talking about?
What will you be like with me?
Witty or dull?
How are you going to do it?
Yell or what?
Hey, why bother? It's business.
Pay and go ahead.
So you fear
I may not like you?
Okay. Money upfront!
What are you talking about?
Where's the book?
I wanna sign receipt of the money.
Pure soul.
You're not a whore.
Why are you here?
How much?
A lot.
How much?
A great lot.
Put it down.
No man'd pay that
much for this.
You should lie 130 times like a log...
No way.
You're a poor lay.
I'm sorry.
You want to be my girl?
You'll have everything.
Lots of dough.
Lots of happiness.
I'm sorry, no.
I had a wife.
Good and cute.
Car accident.
I'm really sorry.
Leave! Leave!
Get up.
Stop it, Yaya.
I lied to you.
It was my first time too.
I couldn't bring myself to do it alone.
I'll tell you about my dream.
Nobody knows about it.
When I have lots of money
I'll go to the country of the deaf.
And where is that?
It's a big island.
Palm-trees, white mountains,
Warm the year round.
People are happy.
Kind and smiling.
No need to think about money.
Money is always around.
Where from?
Deaf folks just get it.
No problem.
Where is that country?
Very far.
Expensive tickets.
You get the address.
I can't. I'm deaf.
You'll help me.
I could take you there if you like.
But I can hear.
I'll teach you to speak with hands.
No one will know you can hear.
I need you. You're lucky.
We're going to the country of the deaf.
- To fortify you.
- No, thanks.
You'll become weak and ugly.
Did Hog give you any money?
I don't know.
How come?
May I?
Some day we'll have plenty of money.
We're gonna save heaps of money.
You should stash it away,
No. I'll keep it in the hand bag.
He can call any minute.
- Who?
- Alyosha.
- So it's for him?
- Of course.
Come on!
You earned it!
And he left you.
It's yours.
Give it back.
This money... We'll live in paradise.
Paradise? Bullshit!
He may be killed anytime.
Give it back!
I love him.
You're not coming to the country of the deaf!
Hello! I'm speaking for Yaya.
She has a message for you.
What do I say?
- That's her?
- Yes.
I hate you.
Walk out of my life!
Yes. Speaking.
Yaya won't come today.
Never! Never!
I'm speaking for
your friend Yaya.
She see never!
She never wants to see you again.
Where am I? In Moscow.
Where the earth is revolving. Round.
The earth? Oh, the globe!
The globe on the roof?
Please forgive me.
Take me to the country of the deaf.
You're not going to leave me here?
Let's not delay it.
We'll start packing tomorrow.
We don't have enough money.
Yeah, it won't buy us the tickets.
We'll see other problems.
It's always summer there.
The sea, palm-trees.
And we don't have swimming suits.
We'll get us the cutest suits
and be the cutest girls at the seaside.
You're swarthy, I'm pale.
Is it scary to fly by plane?
Not at all.
I love it. I always feel sorry when we land.
Where were you?
Out taking a walk.
It's dangerous. Promise you'll never
go out alone in this city.
- Enemies everywhere.
- What enemies?
You know it's a dangerous city.
Can't trust anyone.
I can't live within four walls.
You're thinking about him again.
And he's having fun without you.
Eat this.
What for?
To look pretty.
What for?
To be loved.
What for?
To be alive!
How they looked at us!
Yeah. We are the cutest girls here.
They are too shy to approach us.
They think we're lesbians.
I had a friend.
We shared the bed with her.
We cried when we were parting.
- Why did you part?
- The summer was over.
- When was that?
- Years ago.
I was ten.
I didn't have a good friend like your.
Girls shared beds
at our boarding school
'cos we were cold.
So we are lesbians, huh?
One day I took my wife
to some, eh, bad place.
Lots of enemies.
Talking behind her back.
Reckoned she was deaf.
But she heard it all.
She gave me a
Страна глухих Страна глухих

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