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Страна глухих

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whenever you like."
Prays. Why?
There's enough of everything.
"Just you. No visitors."
You promised, remember?
I'll laugh different ways.
You tell me what's the best.
Why don't you just smile?
I'd look sad
like you.
What's your problem?
I need money. Lots of it.
Poor Alyosha. I'm sitting here
drinking champagne and he
must be looking for me
Forget him. He ducked you.
You don't know him.
He's trusting like a child.
Bad people always
take advantage of him.
Okay, I'll spill the beans.
I danced there three months.
One guy came every single day.
Saw me home, wooed me.
Then told my boss about it.
I hate all men,
they are so mean.
Think about Number One.
Look after Number One.
I thought he'd killed himself.
- Who?
- That guy.
I lied.
I wanted a beautiful story.
I know where to get money.
You get it from men.
Trust me.
I've done that. Twice.
I put it to good use.
I bought those shoes
with the men's money.
We're both cute.
You're pale, I'm swarthy.
Lots of money,
lots of happiness.
Let's have some sleep.
You know me.
I'm looking for Alyosha.
He's your friend, isn't he.
Where is he? Oh, you're afraid.
I'll be following you
until you answer me.
Tell me where he is.
Please, have mercy.
I've got to see him.
Is he okay?
I'm trying to get the money.
If you see him
by any chance will you please
give him my phone number.
I beg you.
- I'm hungry.
- No money.
I haven't had a morsel.
We'll have our fill, now.
It's not right.
- Why is that?
- It just isn't.
It's not right to starve.
Not right to have no money.
Maybe your boy'll bring
us something to eat.
Absolutely not.
Leave it all to me.
Just keep smiling.
Your smile is dearer
than their lousy food.
I can't walk. I'm going
to lie right here and sleep.
I'm overstuffed.
Love... Love...
We gotta show ourselves to advantage.
No liquor of course.
We don't want to look silly.
We should pretend
we have doubts.
But why?
You don't understand.
It's my status among the deaf.
Your world will never find out.
Deaf people are different.
They are so blabbing.
Pimps used to seek my company
but I said I'm no whore.
I thought you'd tried it twice.
Yeah, twice. Heaps of dough.
Very beautiful.
What? Thinking about him again?
Look at me.
Come here.
I've heard a story
about a whore whose ears
were cut off. It was money
if I remember right.
God forbid my ears be cut off.
Deaf and earless - horrors!
I'm done for!
What? You cheated?
No way.
Nothing'll happen.
Wave, wave.
Strictly business.
First, we supply clients.
Second we provide security.
Third, our wheels.
What are the rates?
We take 60%,
you take 40%. Okay?
Look here. We get 70%.
We're gonna provide for you.
That's hard work.
Indeed! It's the money that does the trick.
It's we who work. We get 70%.
Nice girls. Let'em have it.
Stay out of this, you asshole.
I'm nobody's fool,
I got brains.
They're mean. All of them.
Let's quit.
No deal.
Come on, fume!
We respect ourselves.
We're off.
Oh, we want money so much!
Why the hell did you leave?
I hoped they'd stop us.
this is Hog.
He's an authority.
He owns a restaurant
and a discotheque to boot.
She can hear alright
but she's as good as deaf.
She's so starry-eyed,
reads books
plus washes herself!
I... can't read.
Only the bills of fare.
Poor schooling.
The teachers were afraid of us.
I want to see you naked.
Lay off. I picked her up.
I saw her first.
I'm the boss here.
- Sure.
- She's mine.
She's a whore.
I love whores.
They're straight.
I pay my money
and I don't have to
be brainy or handsome.
She comes and does at my bidding.
And she's not hurt.
She takes the money and that's that.
Other girls talk about
feelings but mean money.
What's so funny?
So you can't do it for the fun of it.
You have to pay to unwind.
Sure. You got to be
somebody with other women.
You pay them whores
and they'll love you
Страна глухих Страна глухих

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