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Статский советник

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make a bomb.
You'll have to brief me and my friends.
- My commission is one-third.
- All right.
This is outrageous!
Why do I have to answer the door
all the time?
My head is full of rubbish as it is.
Erast-san, steam-bath would cleanse
your body
and head and soul. What was dirty
will become clean.
What did you say?
What was dirty will become clean.
Of course! To know what is dirty from
what is clean!
- The door-bell.
- the door is open.
So, ladies free to choose the code of dress?
You shoot from both hands,
don't leave them alive.
So, we will stand here?
I repeat once again:
you let the carriage and the guards
pass, I and Green make a short cut,
and you throw a bomb.
Try to reach home.
Then you run around the corner.
You two shoot from both hands,
don't leave them alive.
Meanwhile I and Green will do the rest.
Then we all will make ourselves scarce.
As easy as falling off a log.
We'll take three pounds,
one pound will be mine.
Three pounds - means 300 thousand?
Show me your disposition.
- Is this a bomb?
- An awful workshop!
Lots of dynamite, but only one fuse is fit!
You've beautiful hands, Green.
I appreciate men by their hands.
Face and figure is nothing,
whereas hands will never misguide you.
I always wondered why women...
...of your vocation are helping
You can't understand.
- You're made of iron.
- Careful.
It can explode.
It can explode, eh.
There exist different explosions.
I could teach you.
Why? Don't you have a lover?
Love and lover are different things.
There may be different lovers
and only one love.
Trump is good and kind and generous
and brave.
Why should you need me?
They could kill you,
and you will never see nothing good in life.
My iron one.
So, you love someone?
More even than life.
No, as strong as life.
But it's none of your business.
Is he so smart as they are describing him?
Yes, very smart.
- And he will solve that case?
- I guess so.
And we shall sit here, doing nothing.
I've a plan.
- Speak up, Erast.
- I'm gong to a bath-house.
Time to go.
May I have you for a word?
Cheer up, revolution.
Robbery is fun, fun doesn't like sour faces.
It needs cheek.
We won't need you there. Go away.
- I shall telephone you.
- It's unfair!
I can shoot!
You can't do this to me! I'm none worse
than you.
DBD! Look.
- What?
- Rakhmet...
Rakhmet is a traitor?
And our deed is cancelled?
Will we have to run away?
There will be a deed.
I hate you!
Give me the bomb. You are not going.
- Why?
- They know your face.
You may ruin everything.
Will you make it, the two of you?
- And I will sit stale?
- It's an order.
I said it.
Julie, wait for us at the station hotel.
We'll divide the money there.
- You're taking Bullfinch.
- Stay here.
It'll take but a minute.
Don't worry, I'll manage.
- If something happens...
- You'll tell me later.
I won't let you down.
Take care of yourself.
Gee, I forgot the ramrod.
I'll be back in a moment.
It's a bad sign - to forget things.
I need to talk to Mister Pozharsky!
I can't do without a ramrod,
in case a cartridge gets stuck.
Pozharsky is speaking.
Do speak.
Who is that woman in a red dress?
Miss Litvinova, an acquaintance of mine.
Upon your request.
I'll have the vice-governor move aside:
Mr Fandorin and his lady will sit
next to you.
They are coming!
There they are.
The principal of the gymnasia said:
'You've Jewish manners,
'Miss Litvinova'.
And I slapped him in the face.
As simple as that.
What would you do in my place?
Well, maybe, maybe...
And what the principal did?
He put me in the black list.
I studied home after that.
Did you have similar incidents?
Bring it in!
Vladimir Andreevich!
The State Exchequer's carriage
has been robbed.
320 thousand stolen. There are victims.
Thank God! I was worried to death!
I was shivering all over!
I knew you'll
Статский советник Статский советник

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