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Статский советник

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briskness, that vivacity.
You're too much of a coddle,
as if fearing to spill your self.
Now that you know it, you've no other
You either take my side
and we're flying together,
or you will be alone against me,
but then don't grumble.
You also could step aside,
keep meaningful silence
and wait for the outcome of events.
That would be a Russian intelligent's trick.
And maybe the best thing to do.
Make up your mind now.
l'm pressed for time, tell me
- l'm waiting.
- l'd choose not to speak.
The stakes have been made then.
Good bye, five minutes were enough.
Evil eats its own self...
lt's him.
l'll be quick. l'll just ask him
one question.
Then we'll leave.
- ls that you, Gleb?
- Yes, it's me.
Where are you taking me?
- l've a surprise for you.
- A surprise...
And this is...
No need to introduce yourself.
Mademoiselle Needle.
Pleased to meet you.
'Sir-prize', as my batman used to say.
Where is our staunch...
Here l am.
Take your hands out of the pockets, slowly.
lt was not your idea...
They threatened to kill me.
Stop crying.
May l turn round, comrade Green?
What is DBD?
Now l know why you didn't kill me
there and then.
Curiosity is a good human quality.
Really, it's something else
than thinking about Karl Marx all the time.
Stop playing the fool. What is DBD?
l won't tell you.
l'd rather tell her than you.
What do we do?
l won't tell you,
l won't tell you.
Have you ever seen
a chief policeman dancing
before terrorists,
trading, begging for his life?
Gleb dear,
it's me!
Forgive me.
That's it,
Olga Alexeevna.
A most useful thing made by Englishmen.
lt has saved my life for the third time.
You were asking what DBD means?
Daft Blood Drinkers.
So primitive, but to the point.
Tell me:
you're so young and beautiful.
Why should you need all this?
Why call yourself Needle?
Countess Dobrinskaya, from a noble family.
Taking such pleasure in killing people?
Don't you want anything else?
You have big life before you.
l do wanted something else.
l wanted to get married.
You know now why l didn't receive you
before of all?
l wanted to meet you.
The late Pozharsky recommended you
in most favorable terms in his reports.
He was a talented person.
What a loss for Russia. And for me, too.
l read your report to the minister.
They brought it to me with a subscript:
'Dangerous rigmarole'.
l knew Pozharsky, that's why l rather
believe you.
He must have gone too far,
may God be his judge.
He believed he did it for the good
of his country.
Now there's a vacancy.
You will be my new Pozharsky.
A decree appointing you
Chief Policeman was signed
by the Lord's Anointed.
So even l can't decline it.
ln three months
you will become State Councilor in Deed.
Also today l'll find a chamberlain for you.
like our Moscow merchants say,
it's a deal?
You can't do base things even for the sake
of your country.
lt makes one.
Address me on a second-name basis.
lt makes two.
l won't serve Your Highness,
it makes three.
Erast Petrovich,
my good lord.
Now l have to load all these papers
on the sleigh.
My master is withering away
and is bed-ridden.
You could help him. We pin our hopes on you.
Now that you work with that Nebuchadnezzar,
he will behave in your presence.
And you will put him to reason.
But, Frol, in fact l...
lt's all right,
you'll have to bear that cross.
But you're strong, you will manage.
ls that all?
May God keep you.
Your Highness:
you said my appointment was signed
by the Tsar
and you can't decline it.
l will do my service then.
Each of us - at our posts.
Translated by Svetlana Kormashova
Статский советник

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