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Статский советник

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we have a swap?
- Come on.
- Gee.
Are you serious?
Hotel 'Bristol'.
Wait here.
He said it's urgent.
He said drive through Myasnitskaya street.
He's afraid he's being shadowed.
ls he suspecting anything?
You're worried about me, don't you.
Dear Gleb, it's his usual prudence.
- You're my happy talisman.
- You're my triumpher.
l'm being late, bye.
See you soon.
Soon, yes.
- Let's go.
- Whoah!
Look at me.
Do you remember Strelnya?
- Tell me.
- Enough.
l'll be waiting for a word from you.
Let's move slower!
- What do you want?
- He is my friend.
- How do you do, Green.
- Go straight.
What? ls this some persecution mania?
l didn't see no letter.
l didn't even look at that door.
l was in a hurry to see you.
Also l saw you near 'Bristol',
in the company of Pozharsky.
Have you been a police agent for long?
But why?
l will kill you if you don't speak up.
- You speak - you'll live.
- Yes, l'm an agent.
From the very beginning.
Oh, my God...
He dictated all those notes to me.
- Why?
- l don't know.
lt's not my business.
lt's all just boyish games.
- Call your benefactor.
- No.
You will kill me, won't you.
All right.
Promise that you will let me go.
l will, when everything is over
with Pozharsky.
Chief Policeman's office?
l need to talk to the count urgently.
lt's Julie.
Thanks you. He's not there yet.
We shall wait then.
You will call in 15 minutes.
Sit down.
- A carriage, Sir?
- l came in a sleigh.
We'll talk later. The key moment is nigh.
Your key moment.
That glitter in your eyes, and that blush.
What happened, Mr Statue:
have you caught Green?
Someone more important.
All right, you've five minutes.
Help me with the coat.
Go away.
Jesus, you're still here.
You're not just a career-seeker,
you're a provocateur, a state criminal.
You're behind the Brigade. You want proof?
No. You'll drone now and bend your fingers:
this is one, this is two, this is three...
But l've no time for this.
l need to finish this business quickly.
You mean l'm a leader of terrorists.
So what?
What do you mean, 'so what'?
What do you have against me?
Deduction ideas? l leave no traces.
Any normal person would say this is all
No one will believe you. As for deduction,
shove it up...
...your wallet.
l can't believe it!
Tell me,
why should you need all this ugliness?
For God's sake,
don't call patriotic cause ugliness.
You call this patriotic cause?
Exactly, my dear friend.
l've two types of enemies:
dumb-heads of exalted rank
who destroy the state machine
from the inside
and terrorists who do this from the outside.
l don't know which one is more dangerous.
And we don't have time, Fandorin!
ln two years they will ruin Russia.
- And that is why you...
- Yes!
That is why
l used my intellect,
my talent and courage
and my industry
to create a most intricate mechanism.
lt worked quietly, without fail.
Like this brequet,
a present from His Majesty.
Green was my instrument in clearing the road
for Russia:
and there became less dumb heads,
the air became more fresh.
The one who catches the Brigade
everyone is so afraid of,
can ask for anything.
And he can take as much as he wants.
- Take what?
- Anything:
money, power.
But if they don't give him any?
Then another Brigade will appear,
even more dangerous.
You're clearing the road for yourself then,
not Russia.
Unlike you, l take Russia as part of myself.
What is good for Russia is good for me.
And vice versa, l hope.
l won't let you do this.
You won't let me catch Green?
l won't let you overcome.
You're a devil.
lt's too late,
Mr Erast Faust.
Too late.
You may say to the world
the new Chief Policeman of Moscow,
a destroyer of the Brigade, is a devil.
You will finish your monologue
in a mad-house.
Take my word for it.
You've nothing against me.
l'm not afraid of you anymore.
l thought you meant something,
but you don't.
You lack that
Статский советник Статский советник

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