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Статский советник

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Shutov! Who is there?
Sit tight, you bitch.
l had enough time
to pierce my throat with a needle,
but l couldn't.
l'm sorry.
Good, because why else l took this risk.
That was...
...Khrapov's chief guard.
He has gone berserk.
He killed Aronzon.
Maybe it is to the best,
They beat me up.
l'm so ugly now.
you are very beautiful.
l swore to myself, but... lt's all nonsense.
Of course it is...
There will be an ice fortress
in that garden...
And a bench to the right of the entrance.
You should sit down...
To your right there will be a hole,
a hole in the snow.
You should fall into that hole
and down there - a trench,
you will walk its length
and reach a neighboring street.
You should disappear before
we start shooting.
lt might be very dangerous.
Run! Emelya!
They killed Bullfinch!
Are you crazy or what?
Why didn't you jump into the hole?
They could've killed you.
lt is not as if they read Schiller
or about Wilhelm Tell!
l did jump.
Oh, my Jesus.
Who did this?
- What?
- They are dead.
Emelya and Bullfinch are dead
Police will be here any moment now.
We should escape.
But where to?
To my house.
The Brigade was destroyed,
- except the chief. lt means...
- Pozharsky comes a cropper.
Number one:
l'll report about Pozharsky's escapades
and he will have his 'pat on the back'.
And then whom do you think
l will make care-taker
Chief Policeman of Moscow?
- You, Fandorin!
- They won't approve it.
They will, the more so,
now we shall bring that Green
on a plate to them.
Go now assume office in the residence.
My congratulations, Your Excellency.
Your study is not ready yet.
But it will be very soon.
lt's very urgent.
Nikanor Kabylkin's face.
What's the matter?
Your personal guards, the best ones.
The best ones should chase bandits.
You may go.
Erast Petrovich.
Good afternoon.
l thought only Peterburg people
are so fond of reforms.
Obviously Muscovites have
the same soft spot.
l'm busy. But if you have any news
about the Brigade...
l don't have any news about VB,
but l've news about GG,
l mean myself.
Here is His Majesty's Decree
about my person being appointed
Chief Policeman of Moscow.
So, your reforms are too early in the day.
l'm joking.
Just my protector has sharper teeth.
Now try doing this,
by yourself.
He was hanged three years ago
in Ekaterinoslavl.
Then who is DBD?
First helping us and then betraying?
l can't understand.
Tell me,
have you ever loved?
Put in the nails.
l don't remember, it's all nonsense.
lt's the wrong time for this.
Of course,
love is nothing, there are things
more important.
Another one.
How shall l find him?
- How did those notes come?
- Differently.
Last time, l saw Julie out and that note
Of course!..
ln Petersburg, in Moscow...
Put me through to hotel 'Bristol'.
There is a more important order:
Count Dolgorutsky should resign,
with all honors and ceremony.
And Moscow's Governor will be...
...His Majesty's brother,
Grand Duke Simeon.
You understand?
l don't understand why they're doing this.
Dolgorutsky is an old but experienced
There were no problems under him, in Moscow.
You've an angel's heart, really.
No problems - that's the point.
A person without problems is big trouble.
Neither the tsar, nor you and me
need such a person.
They need a comedian's face.
Take actor Schepkin - no beard or whiskers
to pull at.
Problems is like a beard:
you can pull at it, pull that man wherever
you want.
l need your advice.
Where are you calling from?
Yes, this telephone number.
l see.
All right.
Good bye, Fandorin, we shall talk later.
ls the councilor's sleigh still
at the front door?
- Yes, sir.
- Don't dismiss it.
Green is in a trap.
Alas, without your cooperation.
- Sir...
- Sir...
- Where would you go?
- How much is this sleigh?
How much is this sleigh?
lt's a golden brequet. Shall
Статский советник Статский советник

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