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Статский советник

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l rather fancy vodka.
- Shall l order some?
- No, it's all right.
Did you already take a steam-bath?
lt's great here.
We don't have such places in Petersburg.
Let's discuss our business.
You wanted to tell me something, didn't you?
Have you found a traitor?
Not yet.
But l'll find him soon.
There are three of them!
Approaching room 5!
Let's leave!
We should scatter!
The other one is all yours.
Alexei! Help!
He fell down from such a height.
He's dead already.
You, drunken pig,
l'm going to arrest you now.
Aren't you a sleeper!
You've asleep for almost 24 hours!
24 hours!
l thought you'd die. The doctor said
it was a nervous swoon.
Thank God you're in one piece.
ln one piece.
- How did you manage to escape?
- l flew away.
What about you?
And again l was saved by women, naked women.
lt was a spectacular scene!
- Some tea?
- Yes.
You said last time
you had come upon the Brigade's trace
thanks to me. lt makes one.
What happened during the last day?
makes two.
You said: 'Without me'.
What did you mean? makes three.
First of all
you and l will head
extraordinary... a lemon, eh...
...extraordinary anti-Brigade committee.
We'll be answerable before His Majesty.
And, two:
it looks like l have found the Brigade.
- How did you manage that?
- Through your Diana.
You know why 'your Diana'?
Because you were the one
through whom l found her.
Do you remember our conversation
in the light of torches?
l saw you were being secretive
about something.
So l kept you under-observation
My agents came with a report:
mister Fandorin visits a certain mansion
with a turret.
l came there and pressed on the charmer.
You know her as Diana.
But for Green she is DBD.
- DBD?
- Exactly:
'The Death Bringing Diana'.
- Pulling everyone's leg.
- Wait.
Wait, how did she know about Room 5?
ln Room 3.
Sorry, in Room 5.
- Where is she now?
- At the same place,
guarded by one of my agents.
Get up, Fandorin.
l've brought your clothes.
l will show you something, God forbid,
something even Dumas couldn't imagine.
Help this gentleman to get dressed!
- You overlooked it!
- Your Excellency,
you said not to come in, not to let her out!
Take her down.
At least she did her job.
l missed something in her person.
What are you standing there?
Come here, it would be most
interesting for you.
Are you ready?
Now you know why she was sitting
in the darkness?
You expected to see someone else,
didn't you.
You said she did her job?
She wrote a note
which l dictated to her:
'Tomorrow at noon Fandorin and Pozharsky
'will come to Neskuchny Garden,
'lce Labyrinth'. Signed by DBD.
- Will you go there?
- Of course.
lt's clear about Pozharsky.
But Fandorin...
You said Fandorin is dead?
He's alive and meeting with Pozharsky
- You don't say so!
- Yes!
For Christ's sake!
What die-hard gentlemen.
A bomb would get them.
Damn, no fuses.
So much dynamite and no fuses!
We've paraffin and distillation plant
and glass tubes...
We could make a jelly-bomb.
But we lack nitroglycerine.
We could look for it in Aronzon's
What if Rakhmet told on him?
We can check it. Call Aronzon.
They will surely come.
At this moment l and my people will appear:
l will say they must surrender
which they won't do.
You'll jump into a hide-out and we shall
chop-chop them.
A hide-out?
My dear Erast,
l took care of everything.
ls that you, Semyon?
Are you all right?
Can we come to your place?
- l awoke him. l'm coming.
- No, we'll go together.
What do you think of my plan?
A good plan, and mild risk.
Shall we play it four-handed?
Did you really think
l could send you to face the bullets?
Let's go.
You come in and look out the window.
lf you don't, within 3 minutes,
it will mean an ambush.
Then go away immediately.
You can stay in the store-house.
- l won't betray you.
- l know.
They won't torture me, will they.
Статский советник Статский советник

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