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Статский советник

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clown for you.
You bitch,
you dumped Trump for the sake
of Green?
I feel it with my guts.
That's why I'm alive.
Lead me down.
Lead me down.
You, French bitch,
do you prefer a dead man?
- Whom do you choose?
- You, Trump!
- We should escape.
- What about him?
Leave through the back door.
Take them away to the morgue.
My people interviewing the citizens.
- What a tragedy.
- Your Excellency...
You are a fool, Colonel.
I'll banish you to Kamchatka.
Erast Petrovich... Your Excellency...
Six dead, two wounded.
- All of them our people?
- We don't know yet.
- We're checking.
- The Brigands again?
What do we do?
Find them.
Find them? Where?
You weren't wasting time, were you.
I'm sure of this. Am I right?
It's someone among our people.
Oh no. But who?
Someone cooperating with the Brigade.
He's either betraying us or just being
too sincere.
That miss Litvinova...
Maybe you were too sincere with her?
You yourself said something about
too sincer.
I'm sorry. Do you suspect anyone?
I need to talk to you, only you and me.
Of course. Where?
- Peter's Bath-House.
- Very well.
They've separate rooms there.
Tomorrow, at noon.
Room 5.
We'll make a clean breast of things there.
In a bath-house?
A clean breast of things? How original!
I admire your originality.
I'll come. And don't be cross with me.
All right?
Everyone should be in my office at noon!
- Weaving your web?
- Such is my work.
Will you come to our briefing at noon?
No, I and count Pozharsky going
to a bath-house,
To wash off petty thoughts,
cleanse our brains.
In Peter's Bath-House.
I prefer Russian version, with birch-tree
Your Russian version is barbarous.
I've a reservation in Room 1, Roman style.
By the way, I'm going to talk to him today
at noon,
in Peter's Bath-House, Room 2.
Only it's a big secret.
Of course.
I'm finished.
Pozharsky said he'd send me Kamachatka.
I'm going to Peter's Bath-House
with him today.
Room 3. I could put in a word for you.
It's useless. I was pleading on my knees.
I'll work in Kamchatka police now.
So, they're sending Burchinsky to Kamchatka?
You want me to cooperate?
A state councilor is but small fish.
Tell Pozharsky it's only him
I will cooperate with.
By the way, I'm having a date
with him today.
Peter's Bath-House, Room 3.
The best place for a private talk.
Small fry,
I will be in a swimming pool...
Watching which door he will enter.
A number of knocks at Room 5
where you will be
will mean which room he entered.
Then I go back to the swimming pool.
What about Room 4?
I wanted to check Burchinsky, but he is out.
Get in here!
I'm a bit busy at the moment.
Also I'm going to a bath-house today.
- Which one?
- Peter's Bath-House.
At noon I'm meeting with
Count Pozharsky there.
That man was sentenced
to revolutionary execution!
He deserved death.
We've a Room 4 reservation.
No, I mean Room 5.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?
You dare say all this to me?
I know about your morale:
Separate rooms and mademoiselles
and Chinese massage!
Hand me that blanket, you scoundrel!
Don't you stare at me, you dirty infidel!
I'm leaving for ever!
It's me.
How is everybody?
They're all asleep.
How is Bullfinch?
He is tired. It was his first deed.
That oaf was reading 'Monte Cristo'
all night long.
You were too long in coming.
You did everything?
Yes. I sent a wire
and reserved a room in 'Bristol'.
'Thanks for punctuality.
A man is due from Odessa
'the day after tomorrow. The Committee'.
- They'll come after the money.
- Great.
Everything is ready.
Where are my hats?
I sacrifice everything on the altar
of the Revolution.
Time to go.
Well, Mister Pozharsky...
Now we're after you.
What about the other four rooms?
Maybe we'll choose to move to one of them.
It's her?
Room 5. How do you do.
I could hardly find the way here.
Champagne! You mean
Статский советник Статский советник

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