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Статский советник

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Also Burchinsky from Moscow
gendarme department. Two.
His deputy Mylnikov is three.
And four - lieutenant Smolyaninov.
- They are all suspects.
- When will you start?
Right now.
And also petty trifles.
Trifles mean everything.
Let servants search in waste baskets:
for some rag with traces of gun grease,
a vial empty of some chemical.
Let your girls look for a dark-haired lady,
slim, with delicate features.
No, Mademoiselle, I am your wrong man.
Councilor, Sir!
I'm briefing my chief agents.
Do you fancy to be present?
We'll discuss it later.
Were those people in charge
of Khrapov's security?
Yes, and his servants too.
- Did they know about my person?
- No.
Burchinsky or Smolyaninov?
As for the colonel:
one woman in his staff...
He takes special care of her.
Her name is
It's all I know about her.
A mysterious creature.
Go on working.
- How do you do.
- Is Peter here?
- Shall I report about you?
- Tell me:
how come you work in the
gendarme department?
Your father is privy councilor,
you could work in the guard.
It's all parades and carousing there.
It's boring. And it's fun to work here:
secret tasks, dangerous criminals.
Shooting happens.
Last year an anarchist...
Aren't you bewildered
by this popular dislike, especially
among young ones, of blues uniforms?
I don't care. I serve Russia.
My conscience is clean.
Of course.
Frankly speaking, I am quite at a loss:
general Pozharsky will come
and show us hell.
Do you know a certain mysterious Diana?
I can't discuss my stuff with anyone,
even you.
- Such are the rules.
- Forget the rules.
I need to see that woman.
I need to talk to you.
She could very well choose not to let us in.
As we agreed:
you don't turn on the light,
you leave if she says so.
Very well.
Why such urgency?
Why did you bring this gentleman?
Please meet state councilor Fandorin,
a special missions officer
for General Governor.
He is investigating
Minister Khrapov's death.
Pray sit down. Your name is quite famous.
Tut, such a high official killed
with a dagger!
You know the details of the murder?
- Speak up.
- Do mind your manners.
- Speak up.
- All right,
but after that you will leave.
And don't you ever again bring
this gentleman here!
All right, but, pray,
- ... tell us.
- That is no big secret.
Our people discussing
the details of this action.
Today at eight there will be a party
at Larionov's place.
With good luck, you will intercept
some illegal types.
Take this young lady!
Take this bearded uncle!
Gee, Bullfinch.
Never mind that.
Some tea maybe?
No, thanks, Semyon.
All right.
I'll be in my study, if you need me.
And feel at home.
Why at this jittery one's place?
Not at the engineer's place?
There was a signal he is not reliable.
Is this one reliable?
Why this tone?
We're doing our utmost. It's a problem
to find an apartment with a telephone.
It's Moscow, not too many telephones here.
Mister Aronzon is a sympathetic party.
Look, Needle,
this vengeance brigade
is the only revolutionary brigade.
Blabbermouths are many.
The three of us are the only real warriors,
all too precious.
- You lost?
- Emelya!
- Ace of spades was out!
- Just you wait!
Easy, easy!
I'll show you!
You mean they're spying on the engineer.
He is a provocateur.
There is no doubt about it.
Engineer llarionov, 28, Povarskaya Street.
That rat should be killed!
Let me take a walk, Grinya!
No, sit tight. Don't leave the house.
It's a quarantine.
You're a dull person, Grinya.
How did you manage to get Khrapov?
I received a letter:
'State councilor Fandorin is in charge
'of Khrapov's security'.
Plus full description of his appearance. And
the same signature: DBD.
Why do they call you Neddle?
It's like this.
You pierce it in here
and it is simultaneous death.
Don't you trust yourself?
I fear prison, that stone sack.
Aren't you afraid of anything?
Статский советник Статский советник

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