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Статский советник

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Such a waste of talent.
Why should you need these
dull tape-worms?
You're an adventurous, jovial,
reckless fellow.
You're like me: I'm a gambler too.
So I suggest that you make up your mind.
We shall play a wonderful game,
like in British football, at one touch.
Your bombs is nothing.
There'll be a risk for you and danger.
Give me something to drink.
Some tea?
With cognac, compliments of Mylnikov?
Admit, you're just a puppet
for your party leaders.
I suggest you become a puppeteer instead.
Isn't it attractive?
I'll pull at their strings,
and you'll pull at mine.
I trust my life to you,
I will pray to you.
Your end will be my end.
What is your revolutionary nick?
I suggest you will be...
...Prince Gvidon.
- Why Gvidon?
You will fly from this Isle Buyan
to the Kingdom of Saltan
disguised as a mosquito, a fly, a bumblebee.
How many men are there in the VB?
Three, including me.
Our chief is Green, Grinulya,
no one knows his real name.
he is a super lad, smart and risk-happy.
And a youngster Bullfinch.
Green is teaching him.
We were in that apartment...
That Petersburg man will gobble us,
he is too smart.
You will never make chief inspector.
- So what.
- But I care for my post.
I will tear into pieces even
His Excellency for my post.
- In what way?
- In most effective way,
in likewise manner.
Can you communicate with them urgently?
Not to worry...
Not to worry, Gvidon.
I'm not going to keep a tight rein on you,
no one will shadow you.
You'll be alone and make your own choice.
Absolutely at your own discretion.
You will make your own decisions.
A gambler, a lonely hunter.
I'm captain Zeidlitz,
- Khrapov's chief guard.
- You are a criminal!
You were to guard such a big figure.
A day-dreamer, and even worse!
- You'll face the tribunal!
- I will atone my guilt.
You will atone, eh.
You will atone it in banishment!
Don't you leave Moscow! You may go.
Didn't I pepper him up.
He'll leave no stone unturned
looking for BS now.
But he's just hysterical,
and he'll turn over wrong stones.
But maybe he'll come across
something useful.
It'll make him busy.
Let us arrange our roles, gentlemen.
You, Gvidon, are our main hope:
You will find the Brigade
and become one of their crowd again.
You'll contact me by the telephone.
And remember:
You will be on your own,
there'll be no shadowing you.
My word of an officer.
What a scoundrel!
He said it'll be make-believe.
And he has just left.
Andrei, don't let that man in
ever again!
Poor thing.
It will heal over.
Julie Lenard's Parlor
- Julie.
- Green!
I need your help again.
You said you knew some specialist on loans,
big loans. Mister Trump,
as far as I remember.
Oh yes: Trump.
I need a big loan urgently.
Could your specialist come to Moscow?
It's very important.
Yes, I will bring him myself,
he is very suspicious.
We'll come by tomorrow train.
Very well.
Green is our chief.
Emelya is a super lad, smart and risk-happy.
Excuse me, Erast Petrovich,
you're good at crime detection,
but we've our special methods here.
Tut-tut, to kill such a big man
with a dagger.
...emblem of gendarmes is a white
for wiping tears.
Check the police staff, gendarmes,
railway stations.
Check all contacts, all circles.
Erast Petrovich, let us work together!
My precious one!
You're such a talent, such a bright head!
You and me together
will move mountains!
We're speaking not about Moscow here
- the whole Russia,
its future! The centre is here.
Petersburg is nothing. Their pale
- faced work:
There is no life there, no serious steps
being taken.
I don't mean our tsar, of course.
But all the rest are just goose
- fleshed necks
in white collars.
The centre is here,
Russia's heart, liver and guts are
in Moscow.
We'll give them a lavage,
adjust gastric processes.
I'm anything but a clyster-pipe.
Or, Mr. Mild Gentleman.
Статский советник Статский советник

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