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Статский советник

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Yesterday in Petersburg
Pozharsky took our party cash.
It's a catastrophe.
We need to pay 50 thousand
to a printing shop in Berlin.
Also it's the pending execution
of our friends in Odessa.
The committee is asking, not ordering,
to find money for bribing.
It'll need time.
And we don't have time.
- How much all in all?
- At least 120 thousand.
Urgently, within two-three days.
We'll need a specialist.
An official from Petersburg arrived
on his Majesty's commission
and is bidding you to come.
I frightened them, eh. Here I am,
with only one request: A cup of tea
to warm me up.
You must be Mylnikov.
- Your Excellency.
- Simply Gleb.
We're just colleagues. And your name is...?
- Evstafiy.
- Colonel...
Peter Burchinsky.
Glad to meet you.
And you must be
Erast Fandorin.
Glad to meet you.
I know about your famous deductive method.
I was looking forward to meet you.
They also say you are fabulously lucky
at gambling. Is it true?
There is such a strange trait about me
which I don't often use.
I'm not a reckless type.
And I am reckless and lucky.
I thought I'd come and we'd check the muscle
of our luck.
Not this. This, by the way,
is a wonderful thing from England:
It saved my life two times.
But I meant to show you this.
Let's try.
Shuffle off the cards.
- The color is...?
- Black.
All right.
And now?
And now?
Three times in a row.
I doubt that.
I say it's red.
You're a dangerous person, Councilor.
You may have the pack as a trophy.
Joking aside:
They expect prompt results from us.
This murder is a slap in the face
of our country,
an infringement upon our system.
How this crisis will tell on your careers
is not the point.
The point is: It's either us or them.
- Where is the prisoner?
- In the interrogation room.
- Is he not speaking?
Even worse: Giving us the lip.
Arrange tea brought to me
in the interrogation room.
- You drink it with sugar?
- And you?
I want to meet your prisoner.
Who is this Pussy in Boots? Purr.
Why did you strap him?
Asian barbars. Unstrap him.
He's desperate, he can attack you.
Unstrap him.
You may go.
Oh, my Jesus!
Mister Seleznev!
I examined the results of your bertillonage
and had my doubts: Everything jibed
and I couldn't believe this luck. This here
is Nikolai Seleznev,
that very Seleznev who killed his commander
and fled from the fortress.
You are sent by fate itself.
Now everything will go like a song.
If I were more exulted,
I would kiss you in the lips.
And then you would hang me.
Oh no.
The tea is poor, eh.
No, we are not going to hang you.
We don't need no martyrs of the Revolution.
You'll have mild sentence:
Banishment to Siberia.
And we'll write in the papers
ex-cornet Seleznev
extended his precious cooperation to police.
No need to waste rope, state property.
And your dear comrades revolutionaries
will garrot you as you please.
Don't try to scare me.
I'm not a fearful type,
I know methods of the police.
My comrades would rather
believe me than you.
Of course they will believe
a hero of the revolution,
a knight,
a bayard.
They'd believe a knight.
But you are a prankster.
I have here most interesting photos.
Have a look.
Mister Seleznev paying a visit
to a disreputable parlor in Ligovka Street.
He was after rush of some different nature.
And, look: It's him
...and a ten-year-old girl.
- Nothing of the kind!
She is 14 and has been there
for 3 years already.
That makes things different:
A 14-year-old girl old enough
for a revolutionary client.
A new method, secret photographing.
- Have a look.
- How disgusting.
My dear, you rather belong
with anarchists,
with their primitive morale.
Your lot won't forgive you this.
Some pirouette for the pure
revolutionary cause.
After this they would believe
any obscene thing about you.
I know what your crowd is like.
How can you know?
Frankly speaking, I feel for you.
Статский советник Статский советник

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