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Статский советник

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ask Larionov's address?
Because engineer Larionov is our agent.
It's a provocation!
The front door...
He said: 'I'll take some fresh air'.
Let us leave.
- What about Rakhmet?
- Let's go!
...my humble person.
Check in the loo.
Keep sitting!
What are you sneering at?
Your jokes are no more.
Pull yourself together.
Can't you see through people? Can't you see
we received wrong information?
They are no terrorists,
but decent public.
You call them public?
I asked you to be more delicate, didn't I.
I'll kill you, bitch!
We need her alive!
- Gentleman. I'd ask you...
- Tell me your name!
Esther Litvinova.
- To the precinct!
- I won't let you do this.
Why did you arrest them?
She was shooting at me an officer
performing his duty!
It means gallows for her!
She wasn't shooting at you.
It's one.
Two: You aren't wearing a uniform.
Three: Don't tell me about
performing your duty.
Gee, Erast Petrovich,
Mr. Fine Gentleman.
Let's go.
Gentlemen - through the back doors.
Come on!
A grateful lady
pouring out her heart to her deliverer?
Mr. Humanist.
The likes of you, tactful and polished
are more dangerous even than blatant boors.
None of you will escape popular vengeance.
I am not hiding.
You can find my whereabouts
in any address book.
State councilor Fandorin.
That very Fandorin?
- Slave of the lamp?
- I beg your pardon?
That ancient lamp being on its last legs,
that lamp whose name is General Governor.
You serve him as his loyal genie.
It's not the lamp I serve but my Fatherland.
Oh, stop it.
- Miss Litvinova.
- I knew just as well
you aren't letting me go.
You forgot your weapon.
Larionov, I know about your liason
with the gendarmerie.
I'm not going to tell you anything.
Nothing serious,
I just know some interested parties.
- Maybe I should shoot myself.
- Excuse me?
I've insomnia.
I'd doze off and then: Rat-tat,
as if someone's knocking at the door.
Which of them has come:
These ones or those ones?
Tossing about all night long.
Ah, someone came too late
and missed the show.
I'll send him away.
Stay here, or else I'll have to explain
to these one and those ones.
Can't we tarry here?
It's real strange.
No one warned me.
Are you really from the Brigade?
You can't step in: Police was here.
- Police?
- Yes.
- They sniffed and left?
- What?
Aren't you scared?
Aren't you scared, Jude?
Look in the mirror: You're white as sheet.
Look at your real face now.
It's one.
Three, four,
five, six.
Seven. Surrender.
Fifteen point one.
Now left ear.
- Hold your head straight.
- Stop torturing me.
Pozharsky is welcome any time now.
- We've evidence to produce.
- I don't think so.
Maybe the bertillonage will give us
his name.
Where are you going?
- How long?
- Now it's only soles of his feet.
The way you and me dealt that Khrapov,
I'll talk to him now.
When the results are ready,
telegraph them to the police department
Take some drops, you goggler.
What are you doing here?
You scoundrel! I'm freezing to death here!
I didn't know you were waiting here.
A day you didn't shoot anyone
is a lost day for you?
Where did you find my address?
Like you said yourself: In any address book.
Who is he?
Masa, my valet. He is a Japanese.
What does he want?
In the morning we usually do
Japanese gymnastics.
I missed it yesterday. Masa is displeased.
Go, Masa, I'll be back in a minute.
How shy you are.
You weren't so shy at night.
I'll be back. Put on your clothes.
Use your wrist.
- Who is there?
- Needle.
You were so quick, so cruel executing him.
To pour acid in a man's face!
- With no judgment!
- Rakhmet...
- The place is cold.
- We're used to it.
We've a dynamite workshop here
and a telephone.
I asked you not to come here like this.
You should have telephoned me.
It's such a displeasure to deal with you.
This matter is not for telephone
What matter?
Статский советник Статский советник

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