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so it became clear that only you
could go through the meat mincer.
And we just followed you.
Well, it's too much...
You can't even imagine how dangerous
it is to make a mistake here.
But someone had to be first!
Yes? No, it's not a clinic!
You see, someone has to go first!
Don't touch it!
Laboratory nine, please.
Just a minute.
- Hello?
- I hope I'm not disturbing you.
- What do you want?
- Just a few words with you.
You've hidden it. I've found it.
The old building. Bunker four.
Do you hear me?
I'm alerting the security
You may do it.
You may inform on me,
you may set my colleagues against me,
but it's too late.
I'm now at a stone's throw
from that place.
Do you realize that's the end of you
as a scientist?
Well, you may rejoice!
Do you realize what will happen
if you dare?
Trying to scare me again?
All my life I've been afraid of
something. Even of you.
But now I'm not afraid of anything,
I assure you.
Oh God, you are not even
a Herostratos.
It's just that you've always wanted
to make my life unbearable
because twenty years ago
I slept with your wife.
And now you're delighted
that you've made even with me.
Well, go and do your...
vile thing.
Don't you dare hang up on me!
Prison is not the worst thing
expecting you.
The worst is that you'll never be
able to forgive yourself for this.
I already see you hanging from your
suspenders in your prison cell.
What are you up to, Professor?
Do you realize what will happen
when everybody believes in the room?
And all come rushing here?
It's only a question of time.
If not today, then tomorrow!
And not just tens of them, thousands!
Unfulfilled emperors,
great inquisitors, fuhrers,
self-appointed benefactors
of the human race!
And they'll come not for money or
inspiration, but to change the world!
I never take here people like that.
You think I don't understand it?
What on earth can you understand?
You're not the only stalker
on Earth.
No stalker can know
what those you lead bring with them
and what they take from here.
And the number of unmotivated
crimes is on the rise!
Isn't that your doing?
Take coups d'etat by the military,
or the mafia penetrating governments,
aren't they all your clients?
Or lasers and all those
all that filth, kept for the time being
in safes?
Will you please stop this
sociological diarrhea?
Can you really believe
in all those fairy tales?
Not in the good ones, no!
But in the bad ones, certainly!
Come on!
A human being is not capable
of such hatred or love...
that would extend over
the whole of mankind.
Well, money, a woman,
maybe a desire for revenge,
Iet my boss be overrun by a car,
that I can understand.
But ruling over the world!
A just society!
God's kingdom on earth!
These are not just wishes,
this is ideology, action, concepts.
Unconscious compassion
is not ready for realization yet.
As a regular
instinctive impulse.
There cannot be happiness
at someone else's expense.
I can see quite clearly now
that you plan to overwhelm
mankind with good deeds.
As for me, I'm not a bit worried
about you or myself,
and least of all about mankind.
Because you're not going
to achieve anything.
At best you'll get your Nobel Prize.
Or rather you'll get something
absolutely incongruous,
something you don't even think about.
Something like this telephone...
You dream of one thing,
but you get quite another.
Why did you do that?
Telephone... electricity...
Look, very good sleeping pills.
They don't make ones like that any
longer. Why so many of them here?
Maybe we'd better be going?
It will be dark soon,
difficult to come back.
By the way, it's absolutely clear
to me
that all this poem reciting
and making detours
is just a form of apologizing.
I can understand you.
Difficult childhood, bad environment...
But don't have any illusions,
I'm not going to forgive you.
Will you please stop it,
do me a favor.

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