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Isn't that your doing?
Take coups d'etat by the military,
or the mafia penetrating governments,
aren't they all your clients?
Or lasers and all those
all that filth, kept for the time being
in safes?
Will you please stop this
sociological diarrhea?
Can you really believe
in all those fairy tales?
Not in the good ones, no!
But in the bad ones, certainly!
Come on!
A human being is not capable
of such hatred or love...
that would extend over
the whole of mankind.
Well, money, a woman,
maybe a desire for revenge,
let my boss be overrun by a car,
that I can understand.
But ruling over the world!
A just society!
God's kingdom on earth!
These are not just wishes,
this is ideology, action, concepts.
Unconscious compassion
is not ready for realization yet.
As a regular
instinctive impulse.
There cannot be happiness
at someone else's expense.
I can see quite clearly now
that you plan to overwhelm
mankind with good deeds.
As for me, I'm not a bit worried
about you or myself,
and least of all about mankind.
Because you're not going
to achieve anything.
At best you'll get your Nobel Prize.
Or rather you'll get something
absolutely incongruous,
something you don't even think about.
Something like this telephone...
You dream of one thing,
but you get quite another.
Why did you do that?
Telephone... electricity...
Look, very good sleeping pills.
They don't make ones like that any
longer. Why so many of them here?
Maybe we'd better be going?
It will be dark soon,
difficult to come back.
By the way, it's absolutely clear
to me
that all this poem reciting
and making detours
is just a form of apologizing.
I can understand you.
Difficult childhood, bad environment...
But don't have any illusions,
I'm not going to forgive you.
Will you please stop it,
do me a favor.
Professor, come here, please.
Wait a minute.
Don't be in a hurry.
I'm in no hurry whatsoever.
I know, you're going to get mad.
Anyway, I must tell you...
We are now...
on the threshold...
This is the most important moment
in your life.
You must know that...
Your innermost wishes
will be made real here.
Your most sincere wish!
Born of suffering!
No need to say anything.
You just have to...
and try to recall your whole life.
When a man thinks of the past,
he becomes kinder.
And most important...
Most important...
You have to believe!
Now you can go.
Who wants to be the first?
Maybe, you?
Me? No, I don't want to.
I understand, it's not easy,
but it will pass.
I doubt...
that it will pass.
If I begin recalling my life,
it's very unlikely I'll get any kinder.
Besides, don't you feel
how shameful the whole thing is?
Humiliating yourself,
sniveling, praying?
What's so bad in praying?
It's just your pride speaking.
Calm down, you're not ready yet.
It happens quite often.
Maybe, you first?
Yes, me.
We see before us
Professor's new invention!
An appliance exploring human souls!
It's only a bomb.
You must be kidding.
No, it's just a bomb.
Twenty kilotons.
What for?
We had it assembled with my friends.
With my former colleagues.
This place will never bring any
happiness to anyone.
But if this thing gets into the wrong
Though, I'm not sure any more.
We came to the conclusion then...
that we shouldn't destroy the Zone
after all.
Even if it's some miracle,
it's still part of nature,
and therefore, a hope in a sense.
They had hidden that bomb,
and I've found it.
The old building, bunker four.
I guess there must be a principle...
Never do anything
that can't be undone.
I understand everything, I'm not some
But as long as this plague lies
in the open, accessible to any scum,
I can get no peace, no sleep.
Or maybe, my innermost
won't let me do it?
Poor man, some problem
he's invented for himself.
Give it to me!
Give it to me!
You're a civilized man, aren't you?
- Why? What's the matter

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