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haven't done any good in this world,
and I can't do any.
I couldn't give anything
even to my wife.
I can't have any friends either.
But don't take mine from me!
They'd already taken everything from
me back there, behind the barbed wire.
So all that's mine is here.
You understand? Here! In the Zone!
My happiness, my freedom,
my self-respect, it's all here!
I bring here people like me,
desperate and tormented.
People who have nothing else
to hope for.
And I can help them!
No one else can help them,
only l, the louse, can!
I'm so happy to be able to help them
that I want to cry.
And that's all.
I don't want anything more.
I don't know. Maybe.
Anyway, excuse me, but...
You're just a God's fool.
You have no idea
what's going on here.
Why do you think Porcupine
hanged himself?
He came to the Zone
with a mercenary motive.
He made his brother die
in the meat mincer because of money.
I know.
But why did he hang himself?
Why didn't he come here again,
not for money, but for his brother?
In way of repenting.
He wanted to... I don't know.
He hanged himself a week later.
Because he realized that
not just any wish comes true here,
but only your innermost wish.
Not what would you holler
at the top of your voice...
Coming true here is
only what's in line with your nature,
with your essence,
of which you know nothing.
But it's there, in you,
directing you all your life.
You didn't understand anything,
Leather Stocking.
It wasn't greed that had done
Porcupine in.
He was crawling in this puddle,
begging to bring his brother back.
But what he got was only money,
and he couldn't get anything else,
because render unto Porcupine
the things that are Porcupine's!
And things like conscience, anguish,
they are just inventions.
He realized that and hanged himself.
I'm not going to your room.
I have no wish to pour my filth
over somebody's head.
Even yours.
And then to put my neck into
the noose, like Porcupine.
I'd rather drink myself to death
in my mansion, in peace and quiet.
You don't understand anything
about human beings, Chingachgook,
if you take to the Zone
people like me.
And something else...
Why do you think that this miracle
really exists?
Who told you that wishes
actually come true here?
Have you seen a single man
who's been made happy here?
Was it Porcupine?
As a matter of fact,
who told you about the Zone,
about Porcupine, about that room?
He did.
Then it makes no sense to me at all.
What's the use coming here?
It's so quiet...
Can you feel it?
What the heck... Why not chuck it all,
take my wife, Monkey,
and move over here.
For good.
There's no one here.
No one can hurt them here.
So you're back.
Where did you get this?
He got attached to me.
I couldn't leave him there.
Well, shall we go?
Monkey is waiting.
Are you coming?
Does any one of you need a dog?
I've got five of them at home.
So you love dogs, don't you?
That's very good.
All right, let's go.
You can't even imagine
how tired I am!
God only knows!
Calling themselves intellectuals,
those writers and scientists!
Don't get so excited.
They don't believe in anything!
They've got the organ with which one
believes atrophied for lack of use.
Stop it. Come on.
Go to bed. Don't lie here...
It's too damp here for you...
You shouldn't lie here.
Take it off.
Oh God, what people...
Calm down, it's not their fault.
You ought to pity them,
not to be angry with them.
Haven't you seen them? They've
got empty eyes.
The only thing
they can think about
is how to sell themselves
not too cheap!
How to get as much as possible
for their every emotional movement!
They know they were "born for
a purpose", "called upon"!
After all, they live "only once"!
Can people like that
believe in anything?
Stop it, calm down.
Try to sleep, will you?
Go to sleep.
And nobody believes.
Not only those two. Nobody!
Who am I going to take there?
Oh, God...
And what's most
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