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Second Artists' Association
Screenplay by Arkady STRUGATSKY
based upon the story
"Roadside Picnic"
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by
Verses by F.I. TlUTCHEV
Sound by V. SHARUN
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
"What was it?
A meteorite?
A visit of inhabitants
of the cosmic abyss?
One way or another,
our small country
has seen the birth of a miracle -
the Zone.
We immediately sent troops there.
They haven't come back.
Then we surrounded the Zone
with police cordons...
Perhaps, that was the right thing to
do. Though, I don't know... "
From an interview with Nobel Prize
winner, Professor Wallace.
Why did you take my watch?
Where are you going, I'm asking you?
You gave me your word
and I believed you.
All right, you're not thinking about
yourself, but what about us?
Did you think about your child?
She's just getting used to you,
and you start it again!
You've made an old woman of me.
You've ruined my life.
Not so loud, you'll wake up
I can't wait for you forever.
I'm going to die!
You wanted to start working!
You've been promised
a normal human work!
I'll be back soon.
You'll be back to prison!
Though this time you'll get
ten years, not five!
And for ten years you will have
neither your Zone, nor anything!
And I'll be dead in the meantime.
Oh God, for me it's prison
- Let me go!
- No!
Let go, I said!
And may you rot there!
Be damned the day
when I met you, bastard!
God himself has cursed you
by giving you this child!
And me too, because of you, jerk!
My dear,
our world is hopelessly boring.
Therefore, there can be no telepathy,
or apparitions, or flying saucers,
nothing like that.
The world is ruled by cast-iron laws,
and it's insufferably boring.
Alas, those laws are never violated.
They don't know how to be violated.
So don't even hope for a UFO,
that would have been too interesting.
And how about the Bermuda Triangle?
You're not going to deny...
I am. There is no Bermuda Triangle.
There's only Triangle ABC that equals
Triangle A-prim, B-prim, C-prim.
Do you feel the boredom
contained in this assertion?
To live in the Middle Ages was
Every home had its house-spirit,
and every church had its God.
People were young!
Now every fourth is an old person.
It's so boring, my angel.
But you said that the Zone
was the product of a superior
It must be boring, too,
all those laws, triangles,
and no house spirits,
and no God, that's for certain.
Because if God is also
a triangle,
then I don't know what to think.
It's for me! Great!
Goodbye, my dear friend.
This lady was so kind as to agree
to go with us to the Zone.
She's a very courageous woman.
Her name is...
I beg your pardon, your name is..?
Are you really a stalker?
Wait... I'll explain everything.
What a cretin!
You did get drunk after all.
Me? What do you mean?
I had a drink, like one half
of the population does.
The other half gets drunk.
Including women and children.
I just had a drink though.
Damn it, what a mess here.
Go on, drink. We've got time.
How about a glass for the road?
What do you think?
Take it away.
I see. Dry law.
Alcoholism is a scourge of mankind.
All right, we'll drink beer.
Is he with us?
Never mind, he'll sober up.
He needs to go there, too.
Are you really a professor?
If you don't mind.
Then let me introduce myself.
My name is...
Your name is Writer.
Well. And what is my name?
Yours? Professor.
I see. I'm a writer,
so, naturally, everyone calls me
Writer for some reason.
- And what do you write about?
- About the readers.
Obviously, there's nothing else
one should

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