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Соседские мальчишки

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this time,
there is no apparent motive.
If you have any information
regarding these suspects,
Please call the following
can you believe it?
People are crazy.
You goin' home?
Forget about her.
Good night, al. See ya, angie.
Excuse me.
Where's the action
around here?
Action. There is no action
around here. This is l.A.
Oh, right.
Well, do you know of any
after-hours bars anywhere?
Gee, no, I don't.
Uh, but I sure could use
another beer.
You wanna get some
and come back to my apartment?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Uh, I'd love to.
Where's your car?
Just up ahead.
My name's angie.
Hi, I'm bo,
and this is roy.
Hi, bo. Hi. Do you live very far from here?
Oh, no. I don't. That's
good. How far do you live?
aw, fuck!
Oh, I don't
believe this.
What's the note say?
"thanks... For...
"taking... Up...
"two parking places,
Son of a bitch!
Listen, roy, there's a lot of
tension in the air right now.
Mercury's in retrograde. Venus is
opposing saturn. The moon's in scorpio.
What does that have to do
with my car?
Well, if you know your place in
the cosmos, the world is beautiful.
Just think to yourself,
"the world is beautiful."
Fuck the world.
Hey, what do you think
you're doin'?
Hell, yes, it's important.
Would I call the police
if it wasn't important?
What? Okay, I'll wait.
Hey. Let's go
to her house.
By the time we come back,
these cars will be gone.
If we have to come back.
You know what I mean? Hey, you
guys. What are you gonna do?
No fair.
I haven't played this
in so long.
My throw now.
Oh, phooey.
I blew it. Your turn.
where are you going?
I'm not playin' anymore.
What is all this shit?
Those are tarot cards.
- How do you play?
- You don't play them.
You use them to tell you things
about your past and your future.
Yeah, I bet.
What the hell is this?
The crystal ball.
You use it for the same thing
as the cards,
But your senses need to be
more highly attuned.
You know what I mean?
This stuff is all bullshit.
You know, you have
very negative energy.
It's gonna prevent you from
getting anywhere in this life.
Let's make this
more interesting. Want to?
What, you wanna play
with rocks?
If you make it,
you get to kiss me,
And if I make it, I get
to kiss you. Sounds good.
No, wait-
My turn.
Oh, no fair. I get to do
again. Double or nothing.
Mind if I cheat? You
cheated last time you missed.
your world and my world
they're not the same world
there will come a time
we will meet again
face to face
skin to skin
face to face
Let me help you with that.
skin to skin
heart to heart
skin to skin
heart to heart
skin to skin
that one's from last summer.
It's 2:34 on this beautiful
Saturday night here in los angeles.
The skies are crystal clear,
and the stars are shining.
The weather for tomorrow
is more clear skies.
This is english mike,
and I'll be here with you...
Until the sun comes up,
los angelinos.
man, I feel
so washed out today
burn the sheets
for the mad man
throw that girl away
I got nothin'
got nothin' to say
well, I got nothin'
I got nothin' to say
Oh! Oh!
man, I feel
feel so used inside
broken hearts
oh, babe.
'cause I got nothin'
I got nothin' to do
I got nothin'
I got nothin' to say
- Aah!
- Hey!
What are you doin'?
yes, I got nothin'
fuck him.
Roy! Come on, man!
Leave her alone!
I got nothin' no, roy! Stop it!
- Shut up!
why? Why?
- I'll show you why!
- You gonna fuckin' torture her, man!
- Are you fuckin' jealous?
- Just stay out of it!
my god.
You fucked that?
You are sick, man!
We're goin' home. We're
goin' home right fucking now.
And when we get there, all
of this was just one day.
From then on, I'll get
married, have kids,
Work at that fuckin' machine
shop for the rest of my life.
If it's all I can have,
roy, it's all I want.
But we are
Соседские мальчишки Соседские мальчишки

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