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Соседские мальчишки

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earlier this evening?
Was there anything on his mind that
could have made him susceptible...
To something like this?
He was a little uptight,
I guess.
We'd just had
an argument.
We, uh,
Been getting along
I'm sorry. That's all
I can think of right now.
That's fine. I understand.
Thank you, dwayne.
it still doesn't
make sense.
We have an iranian
and a homosexual.
the connection?
Put out an a.P.B. On a gray
road runner and those two kids.
concentrate a patrol
on the west end.
Let's go check out
that bar.
Uh, what's it called?
The end zone.
Good name for a fudge-packer
bar, don't you think?
You got a mouth
like a toilet!
This place
is perfect.
so squeaky clean.
They all got
money to burn.
What do you wanna do?
You wanna go to a movie?
Nah. We didn't come to
l.A. To go to a movie.
Let's try somethin'
different tonight.
Like what?
That body shop place?
That's one way for you
to see a girl get naked.
What about the laser
rock show, huh?
I don't know, man.
Nothin' sounds exciting.
ain't they just
the perfect couple?
What the hell
are we doing here?
you're crazy.
You wanna get to know her?
Come on. Aw, jesus. You
move like an asshole.
This is my game,
No, no, roy!
Come on, bo! Come on! Let's go, man!
God! God! God!
Hey, cut it out!
Why did you kill her?
You did not have to kill her!
What were you gonna do?
Ask her out?
You watkins?
You responded to our
a.P.B. I'm ed hanley.
Oh, yeah. Well, we've
been here about 40 minutes.
What'd you come up with? Well, I think we
came up with a couple of pretty good leads.
See for yourself.
Takin' a break?
You all right, mark?
Sometimes it just
gets to me.
The report says the neighbors
heard three shots, saw two boys.
One called the other "bo."
they drove away in a gray car.
The bullet passed through the
girl and lodged in the back seat.
- Thirty-eight?
- Yeah.
Well, what do we do now?
We've got the a.P.B.
Nothing to add to it.
We've got no license,
no last name.
Which boils down to, we're
not gonna learn anything new...
Until they do it again.
- Calm down, mark.
- I can't calm down.
That's the fuckin' problem,
hanley. Everybody calms down.
Everybody accepts it.
I feel so fuckin' useless.
I'll call the captain and notify
him of the urgency of the situation.
It's a fuckin' epidemic!
There's a lot of people out there.
It's you and me up here,
watchin' 'em.
You still thinkin'
about the marines?
I don't know. I was just wonderin'
if you still got that stuff inside ya.
No. Why?
I just feel bad about that girl. I don't-
I did not want to hurt her.
She didn't know
what hit her.
We gave her two seconds
of pain.
Girls like that one
have given us 18 years of pain.
Don't expect me
to feel sorry for her.
But you have got to stop,
What are you talkin' about?
I wasn't alone.
Well, I don't wanna sound
like a fag or nothin',
But you are my best friend.
I think that if you don't get control
of this shit, they're gonna lock us up.
They lock us up Monday,
Indistinct ]
Turn on the hockey game.
Turn on the fuckin'
hockey game.
a drug-related shooting
has touched off a vendetta-
This is summer.
Hockey is in the winter.
There's no hockey
on television.
Right, angie?
Now be quiet.
You're botherin' the customers. Anyway,
this is the only time I can watch the news.
What's with this bartender?
Can we get a couple of beers
down here?
- You kids have some I.D.?
- Why?
- We don't serve minors.
- Minors?
- Yeah, minors.
- Ask me what year I was born. Come on. Ask me.
What year?
- What year were you born?
- 1951.
That would make you 33.
Have a nice life.
the young man and woman were
residents of the westwood area.
we expect to have a complete
report by tomorrow morning.
And at
Соседские мальчишки Соседские мальчишки

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