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Соседские мальчишки

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friend of mine
leaves my boots un-shined
I need you here
like a pain in the spine
Roy, for christ's sake!
- if you really loved me
- die, you motherfucker!
hit him, man!
hey, roy!
Come on, man!
go away and leave
your debt behind you
I'll be all right
just leave me alone
time to leave here
you're tryin' my patience
if you really loved me
you'd just go away
if you really loved me
you'd just go away
I'm singin' this song
so you understand me
but I need the company
of no one
just who gave you the right
to scream in my ear
Check it out.
pack your stuff
and get on outta here
go ahead, man.
Shoot him.
roy, jesus!
Don't worry, man.
We're gone.
How do you feel?
It was loaded.
I can't believe
we did that.
You didn't.
There you go.
excuse me.
I need your fax.
Look at this shit.
I stopped at that stand on vine
next to that punk rock club,
- And this is what I get on my windshield.
- Oh, nice.
Did you get any,
uh, hot sauce?
- Have you ever checked it out?
- No.
I mean, 14-year-old girls runnin'
around in black leather skirts,
With fishnet stockings
and- and spiky bondage boots.
It's disgusting. Which one's the root beer?
I mean, you drive around the block
and, I mean, the neighbor's lawns...
Are all strewn with- with
teenage girls just hangin' out.
Their dresses are all hiked
up to here. It's unbelievable.
Ross, these tacos
are cold.
I think he spent too much time
drivin' around the block.
What makes you think
it's our guys?
All right,
thanks very much.
It's a homicide
in west hollywood.
- Witness saw two kids in a primered road runner.
- Go get 'em, boys.
we want your money
we want your money
we want your money
- we want your money
- we want your money
give me your money
- give us your money
- we want your money
we want your money
we don't exactly
like you
They're very strange.
we want your money
what a bunch of goofballs.
we want your money
- give us your money
- we want your money
- give us your money
- we want your money
you got a bonnie roberts
hang-up, man.
well, hello there.
Come on.
She is beautiful, man.
What are we gonna do? Follow
this babe all night long?
let's play some games, huh?
Now, this is my game.
Hey, got any
Hi. I was wonderin', uh,
if you wanna play me this game.
Well, okay.
prepare for battle.
Ladies first.
Oh, shoot.
You're up.
hold on.
I'm gonna blast him.
Shit! Ah, those things always get me too.
Here, let me show you.
All right!
You're great!
aw, shit!
I suck at these games!
such a dick.
Forget it, man.
Just the way things are.
destroyed. Pushed me right out of there.
That motherfucker.
That motherfucker...
Is the one that'll
keep us from goin' anywhere.
Come on, son.
I'll buy you
some candy.
What happened?
Well, uh,
That fag said
the dead fag...
Picked up on, uh, two boys
at some butt-slammer bar...
On santa monica boulevard.
-You have such a way with words.
Well, if it happens to be your
guys, things are gonna get worse.
The dead fag had
an unregistered.38.
- Had?
- Yeah. It's missing.
Everybody's got
a gun these days.
They're more popular
than sex.
What's his name?
Dwayne, may I ask you
a few questions?
I know how you must
feel right now,
But we need to know about those
boys you saw with your friend-
- Chris.
- Chris.
Is there anything you could
tell us to help us out?
Yeah, uh, their names
are bo and roy.
they both looked around 18.
They drove up
in a gray car,
A- a plymouth road runner.
- How do you know the make?
- Oh, jesus christ!
I didn't just play with
dolls when I was little!
I'm sorry. Did you happen
to get a license number?
No. I don't go around
memorizing license numbers.
Uh, dwayne?
Did chris seem upset to you
Соседские мальчишки Соседские мальчишки

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