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Соседские мальчишки

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are you lookin' for a fight all right!
'cause it's just
Saturday night
won't you come outside
This place
looks like mtv, man.
check it out! Punk rockers!
Hey, stop the car!
- Why?
- They're punk rockers!
They're against everything!
They're anarchists!
They're what?
Anarchists, man!
It means they'll
fuck anything!
- You'd fuck a punk rocker?
- I'd fuck the cigarette lighter if my dick would fit.
What do you mean
all night long
let me rock
sex for sale!
Hey, baby!
Come and hump my stump
to a bloody lump!
Jesus! This whole fuckin'
place must be on drugs!
Holy shit!
she cried
I need a lover
check out that lady
with the shopping cart.
I saw a lady with a bag
like that, by the motel.
You should be glad there's
people worse off than us, roy.
scumbag lowlifes, man.
Yeah, fuck 'em.
Go back to the valley!
Whoa. Major domination.
see that?
Damn perverts.
let me rock you let me
rock you all night long
I pledge allegiance
to the flag...
Of the United States
of america!
- Fuck!
- And to the republic for which it stands!
One nation,
under god!
And deliver us
from evil, amen!
Friend of yours?
Whoa, check, check, check!
Whoa! Hey!
Hey, girls,
the sex pistols rule!
you ladies wanna
party, or what?
- Well?
- Hey, eat my fuck.
why don't you give me
Just exactly what does
"eat my fuck" mean?
Beats me, pal.
Yeah! Hollywood!
Land of opportunity!
Give me head
till I'm dead, mama!
Rock 'n' roll, sex, violence!
It's all gonna happen tonight!
All right!
Call me, ladies!
all right.
let me rock you all night long
all night long
all night long
let me rock
let's go.
let me rock
let me rock
We might not be able
to get in, you know?
Don't worry, son.
Leave it to me.
This could be
all right, no?
Chicken hawk.
You guys goin' in
for a drink?
We're not exactly
old enough, you know?
- No problem.
- Yeah?
Great. I'm bo.
How you doin'?
This is my friend, roy.
I'm chris.
Come on.
I'll get you in.
That's cool.
I'll talk to you later.
Don't bother.
I'll have a beer.
Yeah, a beer.
Two beers,
and I'll have a kamikaze.
somethin' in the air
it must be strange
I can do without that itch
but I can't do
without that thing
is that so strange
is that so strange
you're talking
I'm listening
that I never learned before
but I didn't
learn my lesson
I keep comin' back
for more
is that so strange
but it's not so strange
it's not so strange
it's not so strange
- Keep it.
- All right, thanks.
Keep your hands off me,
Take it easy, peter!
These guys are my friends.
This place is sick. Let's
go. Where do you wanna go?
Just out of here. Anywhere. I don't care.
How about to my apartment?
I don't think I can make it.
Sounds good.
I'm sorry about peter.
He's usually not like that.
Oh, this guy's
a friend of yours?
Oh, I've known him
for years.
We work at the same
accounting office together.
He's really
a very sensitive man.
You're kiddin'?
I-I missed that, you know?
Well, he has a strange way
of showing it.
Where are we going?
wow. Nice place.
So, make yourselves comfortable,
and I'll get some drinks.
All right.
have another drink
tryin' to wallow
in my trouble
you come around, my drinks
they turn to doubles
you say you love me
at least three times a day
but if you really love me
there's nothin' to say
leave me to be here
by my little ol' lonesome
but I need the company
of no one
Are you interested
in computers?
just pack your things
close the door behind you
You know, in ten years,
you'll be illiterate...
Unless you know how
to run one of these things.
if you really loved me
you'd just go away
go away and leave
your debt behind you
I'll be all right
just leave me alone
come here.
you're tryin' my patience
if you really loved me
you'd just go away
just remember when
you lit the house on fire
Соседские мальчишки Соседские мальчишки

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