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Соседские мальчишки

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city of
eight million.
Sorry, sir, but we had to ask
mr. Shakir some questions.
Don't apologize.
You already ruined it for me.
"it was many
and many a year ago,
"in a kingdom
by the sea,
And a maiden lived there whom you
may know, by the name of annabel lee."
sit down, will ya?
You're embarrassing me.
that was edgar allen poe.
Can't you just think it? You
don't appreciate great art, roy.
Ooh. Somethin' inside
says she's made for me.
The tip of your dick.
These girls cannot walk around half-naked,
and not want it in every orifice.
I'd like to walk up and say, "hey, baby,
I wanna do you till your tits pop off."
That should do it, bo.
Come on, boner. Let's
blow this baloney factory.
Check out
these pussies.
It's punks like this
I just ruin with a look.
Yeah. Have a few
What do you say?
I thought we were
a couple of rodents.
If I was drunk and she
was beggin' for it, man.
Check it out.
oh, go to hell!
You should be helpin' me
stop this disgrace.
Bad enough you should
be smokin' it at all.
But in front of children!
What's goin' on?
I don't know.
Some old lady's got a
bug in her ass. I see her.
it'll make you
feel sexy, lady!
Typical fuckin'
old people.
All right, party time.
Party time, man.
stop this disgrace!
- She's gonna have a heart attack.
- She's ready to die anyway.
Oh, fuck!
What's with these chicks?
Let's go!
they're gettin' away!
come on, let's go get 'em!
hey, come back!
Hey, don't mess
with the car, bitch!
I want you to take that woman to
the hospital, you fucking pricks!
We didn't do nothin'. I am sure! I saw you!
Hey, you cunt!
Let's go! We didn't do
nothin', you psycho bitch!
- Come out right now!
- Let's get the hell outta here now!
- You queers!
- Lose her, man!
Queer? We'll see
who's a queer, bitch!
roy, what are
you doin', man?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
I don't think she's
enjoyin' the ride!
Come on, man, enough!
Lose her!
That's right, you sweet lips.
Faster and faster still!
Fuckin' "a," man!
- Stop!
- Fuck you!
If she wanted a ride,
all she had to do was ask.
Ah, shit!
We forgot the dog.
Goddamn it!
You poor little thing.
Where do you live?
so this is the tar pits?
Big wow.
Why isn't it bubblin'
and stuff, steam and shit?
Maybe there's
some kind of show or-
Hey, check it out.
What a screwed job.
and our jobs are better?
What, the factory?
No, our jobs as fashion
designers. Hey, quit complainin'.
It's a good job.
Manufacturing. American.
You sound like my dad.
Been goin' in and out of them
shit-box factories for 30 years,
Always a week away
from gettin' out.
All right,
we start Monday.
But we don't get out in two
months. And then it's six months.
Then you wake up,
and it's 30 fuckin' years later.
So what do you want us
to do, huh, roy?
Uh, become
computer programmers,
Maybe fly the space shuttle, perform
a couple of heart transplants?
I don't know about you, man, but
I'm not havin' a good time in l.A.
I mean, jesus christ, we were
beaten up by a couple of girls!
And on top of all this shit,
we lose boner the barbarian.
Stupid dykes. Where do they
get off callin' us fags?
Wouldn't it be great if the government
declared, like, an official caveman day?
I mean, you could just knock girls over
the head, drag 'em back to your house...
And completely
drill their socks off.
You could throw rocks at people, run around
naked, take a shit in the middle of the street.
Just be totally
Better than
valentine's day.
All right, listen.
We're gonna go back
to the motel, take a shower,
Eat someplace nice, uh, like the
sizzler, and then it's caveman day.
What do you say?
All right,
let's bolt.
Ooh! All right!
all right!
Party till you puke!
are you goin' out tonight
are you goin' out
wild night
Соседские мальчишки Соседские мальчишки

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