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Pay first.
- You have to pay him first.
Six bucks' worth?
That'll do it.
- What number?
- What?
What number pump?
Uh, 13.
Hey, the machine
stopped at two bucks.
- I gave you six bucks.
- Two dollars.
No, no, no.
I gave you a five and a one.
- Two bucks.
- What's goin' on?
Didn't I have a five and a one,
or was it two ones?
Hey, come on,
turn on the machine.
Two bucks.
You are a motherfucker,
you know that?
This fuckin' camel jockey's
rippin' us off!
Move it over, boner.
maybe I'll buy me
a new car
maybe I'll hop
on a plane
get off in some
foreign station
somewhere that
don't look the same
I'm tired of workin'
nine to five
- somebody give me a break
- aah!
caught up
in this rat race
I've got no time to waste
I want out
you can't make it
I want out
no way
I want out
so don't mistake it
it's all that you've got
and you ain't gonna leave it
no way
All I wanted
was some gas!
you're stuck in a rut
no, no
you can't give it up
there's no way
Fuckin' amazing.
Do you believe that guy,
tryin' to rip us off?
I'll bet you he knew
we're from out of town.
Well, fuck him.
We must have, uh, four
dollars' worth of stuff here.
Makes us even, right?
We're more
than even, bo.
Piece of gum?
Indistinct ]
What do you think?
His name is amir acbar
shakir. He's an iranian.
Could be
a political thing.
A gung-ho american,
Khomeini sympathizer,
Or just a pissed-off
I saw it.
I saw it happen.
I was walkin' by
just as they were leavin'.
Two blacks
and a mexican.
Were they in a car?
Yeah, they had a car.
Cadillac, of course.
Goddamn minorities,
Always stealin'
They gotta have some way
to pay for them cars they drive.
Thank you, sir.
You've really been a big help.
what the hell could this guy
have done to deserve this?
Poor bastard will be lucky if he remembers
his name after the beating he got.
Two bucks.
What are you doin'?
I'm wired. I can't sleep.
Besides, this one's great.
See, these two guys are really
kickin' the shit out of each other.
And this-
whoa! Jesus christ.
So this one guy, he's starting
to turn into a blue monster.
This is totally wild.
Fuckin' weird.
Looks like you
and that iranian today, roy.
Think he's dead?
Nah. I doubt it.
I mean, jesus, I couldn't
believe- that was like, uh-
It was a real
"e" ticket there.
He pissed me off.
We should've killed him.
We almost did.
"almost" doesn't count.
Detectives woods and hanley? Yes.
You can see him
for five minutes.
He's got a compound fracture to the right
forearm. Had to be a metal instrument.
Got some internal bleeding,
mild concussion,
Multiple lacerations
- 156 when we stopped counting.
Did he say anything? Been
under heavy sedation all day.
It's gonna be hard for
him to talk. Room 408.
Thank you, doctor. You're welcome.
excuse us,
mr. Shakir.
We're from the los
angeles police department,
And we'd like to ask you a few
questions about this morning.
was it somebody that you
knew or had seen before?
was it two blacks
and a chicano?
Two men.
Were they over 20?
Over 16?
That'd be two boys
about 18, right?
- Saturn? No! Neptune!
- it's neptune.
Big car. Fast.
Do you remember the color
of the car? Take the car!
Take the car!
buddy, could you just
shut up for a while?
- Don't tell me to shut up.
- No paint.
No paint.
Maybe it was primered.
- Pretty good, huh?
- What do you want? A prize?
I got a prize for you
right here, buddy.
a tommy gun.
a tommy gun is correct!
I think that's it. He passed out. Yeah.
So we got two teenagers in a,
uh, souped-up, primered car.
that narrows it down
to about a thousand.
In a
Соседские мальчишки Соседские мальчишки

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