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Соседские мальчишки

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What are you doin'?
I'm signing bob's book.
I ain't nothin'
but a gore hound
His name's not bob.
All fuckin' year
you've called him bob.
His name is bob!
You'd think
you piss-flaps...
Could get it right,
just once.
Shut up.
sic him, dog.
What the hell's that?
This is my mother's dog,
Sometimes I think my mom likes
bonbon more than she likes me.
You eat bonbons,
don't you, joe?
just keep your mouth shut.
Bonnie, um,
I'm curious about something.
- Do you swallow?
- Learn some manners.
Seriously, about her tits. I
figure you guys would know, right?
how big are her nipples?
Like quarter, dime-
I'm gonna kick your ass!
no! Get away from there!
all right, Alston,
out of the pool!
- Ask him nice, or he'll piss in it.
- He better not piss in it!
My father put a chemical in that pool
that'll turn it purple if he does!
get outta there!
you want a magazine
in the toilet with you?
why don't you flush,
you idiot?
I hate every
goddamn one of 'em.
I bet they all fuck bonnie's
brains out. That wouldn't take long.
Let's get
out of here.
Let's get
way outta here.
Like a vacation.
I don't have to start work
at the factory till Monday.
Like where?
Vegas or somethin'?
No, not with 200 bucks.
What about phoenix?
Hey, bonbon.
Where is that?
Hey, what are you doin', man?
Get in, dude.
Hit the road, rat.
Sure is fast!
Watch out!
You're gonna hit him!
Just tryin' to
have some fun, man.
all right, pull over.
Stop the car.
Come on, little bugger. He's all
right. He's just scared shitless.
Throw him out.
Let's do it again.
Let's take him with us.
Los angeles.
Beach, girls,
What is it,
about six hours?
Let's motivate.
Gunfire, tires skidding ]
They had this big graduation
ceremony thing today.
Mom said in the card she
was gonna come. Remember?
Well, she didn't. No big
deal. Nobody missed nothin'.
So, what you watchin'?
"oh, just some stupid
tv show, son.
Where you goin',
Oh, me and bo are
takin' a vacation.
Goin' to los angeles
for a couple of days.
"sounds fun.
Hey, have a good time."
Thanks, dad.
- What's that, your lunch?
- My luggage.
Oh, yeah?
We got some just like it.
walk in there Monday,
We're on the drill press
the rest of our lives.
Could be worse.
Could have no jobs at all.
Guess so.
Either way
you're screwed.
I'm glad we stopped.
My back teeth
were floatin'.
Bonbon. What a pussy fuckin' name.
So lame. Dog needs a name with some balls.
I mean, shit.
Like what?
Like bowzer, man.
Bowzer the barbarian.
That's great.
No, no, no, no.
Boner. Boner!
- Boner the barbarian!
- Even better, man.
hey, the few, the proud.
who gives a shit?
What were you talkin'
to that marine about?
What else?
Well, fuck the marines.
I know I don't
wanna join.
Run 20 miles a day
with 60 pounds on your back,
Havin' some grunt callin' you a
maggot and sayin' shit about your mom.
That's not for me.
Wind up in some shit-hole place like
el salvador with a bullet in your butt.
You don't have to join.
I wanna tell you
I never told anyone.
I got stuff
inside of me.
What do you mean?
Like cancer or something?
You remember christmas,
That guy smashin' into your car
and takin' off?
And you could do
nothin' about it?
I was so pissed off, man.
I wanted to kill that guy.
That's how I feel
all the time.
Hey, come on, man.
You're righteously pissed off.
Hell, you're like
a lot of people.
I thought
the marines would...
Get it out
of my system.
All you're gonna get out of
the marines is a bad haircut.
you know?
What about
beverly hills?
I thought that'd be like the first
thing we'd see when we came to town.
We'll find it, man.
ooh, mama!
look at that bitch.
I bet she don't even exist.
How about
We gotta go.
Hey, mister!
Don't kick the pump.
Соседские мальчишки Соседские мальчишки

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