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Соседские мальчишки

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wants is a
couple of good beaver shots.
david, do you need a ride?
Jesus, I'm glad we're
gettin' out of here.
Yeah. But we will never
see bonnie roberts again.
high school didn't
teach me shit.
That's not true, roy.
We did learn about v.D. And
rubbers in social living, right?
All right,
one thing.
I should've bought a yearbook, you know?
What for? I'm not even outta here
and I'm tryin' to forget this place.
I know, but I could've
had bonnie sign it.
What, you'd pay 20 bucks
to have her sign,
"dear bo, have a nice summer.
Don't change. Love, bonnie"?
- Hi, bonnie.
- Oh.
Hello, bob.
look at this picture
they took of me.
What a bitch, man! She
always calls me fucking "bob"!
I hate that!
It's such a joke name.
No, bob's a cool name.
You can spell it the same
way forward and backward.
uh-huh. All right.
I found out, the party's at
joe's house after the ceremony.
His parents are going
to san diego. What time?
- What time what?
- What time at joe's?
It's invitation only.
Well, how do you
get to joe's?
take a hint!
Good morning, graduate. Can
I help you? What's your name?
Roy. Hello, roy.
I'm sergeant jack colquitt,
United States marine corps.
I see you're interested in avionics.
You know, roy, now is
a fine time to enlist.
Presently we offer a
delayed entry program...
In which you can earn a $5,000
bonus and a guaranteed duty region,
Not to mention-
I don't care about that.
Well, roy, what is your specific interest?
Did you ever
kill anybody?
Sounds like you're more
interested in being a grunt.
Did you hear some guy
was killed here last night?
No? Yeah,
they shot some guy.
He was, uh, robbin' a liquor store,
and they shot him right in the head.
You didn't see that? No, it was
just a couple dicks fucking around.
You're kiddin'?
A joke.
That's pretty funny.
That's- that's very funny.
Marines say,
"nobody likes to fight,
But somebody
has to know how."
Hey there, jar head.
No offense.
We have just been
invited to joe's party.
Can you believe it?
You didn't enlist,
did you, roy?
Sarge, if you're lookin' for a
few good men, he ain't one of 'em.
No, your friend here's
not interested in the corps.
He's just... Curious.
hold on a second!
What happened to the
fuzzy dice? What the fuck?
It's the only thing I ever
got out of high school.
Oh, yeah? I, my friend, got 200 bucks.
- Rip off the graduation dance?
- Oh, fuck. Get serious, man.
My grandfather in phoenix
sent it out.
Can you believe that?
Did you get anything?
Son, look.
I don't have to tell you
I'm proud of you.
You're destined
for great things, roy.
I've always wanted you
to be better than me.
You're not like the rest
of the kids, you know, son?
Your future
is wide open.
So are
bonnie roberts' legs,
I hope.
- To the future!
- Bonnie goes greek!
Bonnie goes greek! Bonnie
goes greek! Bonnie goes greek!
We are there!
we are there!
We are there!
We are there!
We are there!
Joe really knows
how to throw a good party.
Oh, no.
Look who's here.
Excuse me, I think
I'm nauseous.
Yo, hey.
Hey, can you guys
help me out?
Look, I don't want
any trouble, all right?
So, uh, you guys
just be cool, okay?
You be cool and, uh,
no problems, okay?
And... We'll just
ignore 'em.
- So let's have fun!
- Right.
We're gonna have some fun.
Let's have fun.
Come on, let's go.
Have fun.
Well, that
seems all right.
I'm gonna
check it out.
ashes to ashes
and dust to dust
easy come, easy go
and no big fuss
'cause I ain't nothin'
but a gore hound
I ain't nothin'
but a gore hound
sometimes I go crazy and crazy
goin', goin', gone
Bonnie, hi.
Uh, I know this sounds
really stupid, but, um,
Would you sign this
for me- my book?
All right.
I ain't nothin'
but a gore hound
Hi, bonnie.
Havin' fun?
Соседские мальчишки Соседские мальчишки

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