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Соседские мальчишки

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going home now! Okay.
go back to the motel,
pick up our stuff-
What are you doing?
See that fucking television?
He's just giving us a ticket. He'll
be gone in five minutes. Just wait.
Why doesn't he leave?
Over there!
Hey, guys. They found the
car at highland and melrose.
Bartender saw two teenagers
that fit the description.
All right.
- What are you doin'?
- Get out.
Huh? Are you crazy?
I can't shoot at a cop.
I don't believe this.
stolen vehicle is
a red ford maverick.
1, 7, 3, george,
george, zebra.
Suspect is wanted
for suspicion of homicide.
Roy thomas Alston.
Last seen heading westbound
on melrose near fairfax.
Hey! Pull over!
This is ridiculous,
We should've stole
a faster car.
Watch this.
You made that?
Hey, hey, watch it! Watch it! Shit.
- Fuck.
- What are you guys do-
What are we looking for?
A place to hide?
How about a way out?
Get those babies,
and we're home free, man.
Open it.
Move, move!
- Get 'em, man. Hurry up.
- Come on, man!
Fuckin' chain.
- Shit.
- Aah!
Did you get the gun?
I bought it.
Look! Up there!
Come on!
I wanna use the mall's
intercom system.
Yes. It's right here.
Just hold this down and speak.
Uh... Bo? Roy?
All the exits are covered.
Is this thing working?
There's no way in hell
you're getting out of here.
Turn yourselves in to one
of the officers right now.
Come on out.
Let's end this thing, huh?
- Hey, this party's over.
- Huh?
We did some pretty
fucked up things.
So what?
We can get outta here.
No problem.
It's time to stop, roy.
We got two shots left.
I'll fire.
They'll take cover.
Head down the exit,
and we're out.
No! We can't go back to the car, we
can't go to the motel, we can't go home.
We're fuckin' busted!
Don't mess with me.
Gimme the gun.
No. You're not
gettin' it.
I don't care what you do,
man. I'm gone.
What the fuck?
Gone where?
Look. They might give us a break.
We're only kids, right? Yeah.
If I give you this gun,
they'll kill you.
I can't go back, bo.
Not now.
gimme the fucking gun!
What are you doin', man?
I'm your best friend,
Two seconds of pain,
Which one are you?
Bo richards?
answer him!
What? Why did you kill your friend?
Because I had to.
Closed-captioned by
captions, inc. Los angeles
Соседские мальчишки

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