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Соседские мальчишки

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angelesNearly all these murderers
are white males.
Many of them handsome,
charismatic, intelligent.
They begin to kill
in their 20's or early 30's.
he seemed like
a regular kind of guy.
You know, normal, kind of quiet.
But, uh, pretty smart.
He - he just didn't seem like the kind
of guy that would kill anyone, you know?
Uh, I mean,
it doesn't make any sense.
they don't think that you're worth
anything if you're in their way.
You know, it's like, "she was
screaming, so I killed her."
I didn't expect her to scream.
I mean, I wasn't gonna rape her or take
her money. I was only gonna kill her.
these people confuse
sex and aggression.
They can't differentiate
between the two.
I just think we live
in such a violent society.
now, sometimes I'll be
walkin' along the street...
And just, uh,
wonder that all of a sudden...
One of these crazy people might wantonly
just murder you. It's just frightening.
I just couldn't fit in anywhere,
no matter how hard I tried.
the new criminals have been so
brutalized in their own upbringing...
That they seem incapable of viewing
their victims as fellow human beings.
we've got 35 or more people
out there now...
Killing 20 and 30 people each.
like if I had a.38 right now,
I could make you do just about
anything I wanted to.
And just about all my life,
people have been doin' that to me.
back in the past
it didn't seem as real,
And it was never one of those things
that you thought could happen to you.
society's had their chance.
he was a sour man.
He had a bumper sticker that read,
"I'm not deaf. I'm ignoring you."
at age 15, he killed
his grandparents-
Just to see
how it would feel.
I had nothin' but pure hatred.
If I wanted a victim,
I'd just go get one.
I don't see how anybody
can tell me that...
The fact that his mother used
to force him to watch her...
Uh, turn tricks, uh,
and threw him out of the house,
And the way he was treated
in his childhood-
I'm sure that must have affected
him quite a bit. It has to have.
it wasn't like tv where you stab someone,
and they just fall down and they're dead.
I think we're all expecting these killers
to be frothing-at-the-mouth maniacs.
The scary thing is that seemingly
normal people commit these crimes.
They can act like anyone-
your friend, your teacher,
The guy next door.
yes, but if they kill without
conscience, how can they be treated?
How can we recognize them
before it happens again?
How's it look?
Looks like
some guy broke his back.
no, I heard he was
hit by a school bus.
so did I.
Darin told me.
Here comes bascom. Check him
out. He's gonna drop a load.
Now, I know that you think
that teachers always say this,
But you are my
favorite class...
And I am gonna miss you,
all of you.
After the closing ceremonies
tonight, I know I'm not gonna see you.
And we are gonna break
a little early today.
But before we do, I just want
to give you some advice-
From a friend.
Most of you are going
to go on to college,
And you're gonna be the people
who change the world.
And believe me,
the world is changing.
I mean, for example, betsy
- betsy, you're gonna major in computer science.
Ed? Ed's gonna be
an electrical engineer.
And, uh, tom, uh-
tom, what were you again?
Modern dance.
- hey, tommy!
- I love it.
You have got
a unique opportunity...
To ride the crest
of the third wave.
Mr. Alston,
have you got a comment?
Now I know that this sounds
like a lecture to you,
But my point
is just this.
That my dear mother was born
when the wright brothers flew.
She died when
armstrong walked on the moon.
And in those 66 years
of change,
She never once
lost her humanity.
Well, you remember humanity,
don't you?
We read about it
in chapter three.
What the fuck does heaton
know about humanity?
What does he know
about anything?
He's been locked up in
that room for 20 years.
All he really
Соседские мальчишки

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