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me, darling, I was lost
in my thoughts.
Is anything wrong?
No. No, nothing's wrong.
Everything's all right.
She drank liquid oxygen...
She did it out of desperation.
It is going to get worse.
The more she's with you,
the more human she becomes.
- What are you going to do?
- Wait until she comes back.
And then what?
Leave the station?
Chris, she can live only here,
on the station.
What else can I do?
I love her.
Love whom? Her?
Or the girl on the rocket?
She will return. She can
return a hundred times over.
Don't convert the scientific problem
to an insignificant love story.
I had a foreboding
that this would end badly.
You should help her.
It's horrifying, isn't it?
I'll never get used
to these constant resurrections!
Is it me?
What? What?
Why? Why?
No... I'm not...
Not her... Not Hari...
And you... What if you aren't either...
- Don't talk, Hari.
- I'm not Hari!
Maybe your appearance
is supposed to be a torment,
maybe the ocean sent you.
But you're more to me than
all that science could ever mean!
- Do I look very much like her?
- You may have looked like her.
But now it's you who are real Hari.
Tell me...
Do I look ugly? Can you look at me?
- Do I disgust you?
- No.
- You're lying!
- Stop it!
I must be looking disgusting!
Don't touch me!
I love you!
Hari, what can I do?
I won't return to earth.
We'll live here,
on the station.
I'm afraid.
The ocean's activity is increasing.
Your encephalogram may be the cause.
Whenever we show pity we empty
our souls.
Perhaps that's true.
Suffering makes life
seem gray and suspicious.
No, I don't believe that...
I will not accept that...
What is not indispensable to life
is in some way harmful to it?
No, that's not true either.
It just isn't true!
Remember Tolstoy's suffering
about the impossibility
of loving the humankind in general?
How much time has passed since?
I can't figure it out...
Help me.
Let's suppose I love you.
Love is something
we can feel,
but never explain.
One can only explain the idea.
You love that
which you can lose.
Yourself, a woman, your country...
Until today, humanity, the world,
had no way to reach love.
There are so few of us!
Perhaps the reason we're here,
is to understand, for the first time,
human beings as a reason to love?
He's feverish.
How did Guibariane really die?
You haven't told me.
I'll tell you, but later.
Guibariane did not die out of fear,
he died out of shame.
The salvation of humanity is
in its shame!
Mama, I...
I'm two hours late.
I know. How was your trip?
It was just a bit tiring.
It was all right.
It's running slow again.
I'll set it right.
You have lots of time.
I don't know what's the matter
with me...
I have completely forgotten your face.
You don't look well.
Are you happy?
Happiness is an idea that's obsolete.
I think that's too bad.
I feel so alone now.
Why are you hurting us?
What have you been waiting for?
You might have telephoned.
You seem to lead
such a strange life.
You're sloppy, you don't take
care of yourself.
How did you get into this state?
What's this? Wait, I'll be
right back.
How are you? You feel better now?
Where's Hari?
- What is it?
- There is no more Hari.
"Chris, I'm sorry I had
to deceive you.
There wasn't any other way.
This is the only solution for us both.
I asked them myself. It was my
Do not blame anyone for this. Hari."
She did it for you.
Snout, listen...
Calm down, Chris.
How was it?
The annihilator. An explosion of
light, and a breath of wind.
To think that we quarreled so often
those last days.
Snout, why are we being
tortured like this?
We have lost our sense of the Cosmic.
Ancient man had no such problem.
He'd have never asked why...
You remember the myth of Sisyphus?
Since we sent your encephalogram,
not a single one of the visitors
has returned.
Something beyond our understanding
is happening to the ocean.


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