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Sound sleep has but one defect -
it smacks too much of death.
Never before, Sancho, have you
pronounced such a gracious speech."
That's great. Now perhaps you'll
let me inject a few words of my own?
I propose a toast to Snout,
to his courage,
and his devotion to duty.
Here's to science, and to Snout!
To science? It's a fraud!
No one will ever resolve this
problem, neither genius, nor idiot!
We have no ambition
to conquer any cosmos.
We just want to extend Earth
up to the Cosmos's borders.
We don't want any more worlds.
Only a mirror to see our own in.
We try so hard to make contact,
but we're doomed to failure.
We look ridiculous
pursuing a goal we fear
and that we really don't need.
Man needs man!
Let's drink to Guibariane.
In memory of a man.
Though what he did, was out of fear.
No, Guibariane was not afraid.
There are worse things than
being afraid.
He died because he saw no way out.
He thought that what was happening,
was happening only to him.
All that heart-breaking moaning
is just second-rate Dostoyevsky.
Who do you think you are
to judge us?
At least I know why I'm here.
Nature created man
so that he might gain knowledge.
In his march toward the truth,
man is condemned to knowledge.
The rest is of no consequence.
If you will permit me to inquire,
what exactly are you doing on Solaris?
What a question!
Except for your tryst with your ex,
nothing here seems to interest you.
Your time is spent
lolling in bed day after day.
Is that how you understand
your duty?
You've lost contact with reality.
If you ask me, you're plain lazy.
Stop it!
- Let's drink to Guibariane.
- No, to Man!
Are you suggesting
he was not a man?
Stop it, Chris!
We'd better not quarrel.
After all, today is my birthday.
I think Chris is more logical
than both of you.
In these inhuman conditions
he alone acted human.
While you two pretend
that it doesn't concern you,
and that your visitors
are just an exterior enemy.
But your visitors are part of you,
they are your conscience.
I believe Chris loves me,
but perhaps he doesn't really,
perhaps he just defends himself.
By me, who is alive, he wants...
No, that's not the point.
It doesn't matter why a human loves.
No, it isn't Chris,
it's you... I hate you all!
Don't interrupt me.
I'm a woman after all!
Woman? You're not even a human being.
Try to understand that, if you're
capable of understanding anything!
Hari doesn't exist! She's dead!
You're only a reproduction,
a mechanical repetition of the form!
A copy from a matrix!
Yes, perhaps.
But I... I'm becoming a human being!
I can feel just as deeply as any
of you.
I can live without Chris already.
I... I'm in love with him.
I'm a human being!
You, why are you so cruel...
Get up, on your feet!
My dear man!
Nothing is more easy.
It's wrong of us to quarrel like this.
We lose our humanity,
our dignity as humans.
No, you're very human,
but each one in his own way.
That's why you're quarrelling.
I hope I'm not bothering you?
You're really a good fellow.
Only you look awful!
Actually, I'm worn out.
Could you help me?
Doesn't a man who'd give up
his life
for some silly damned contact,
for knowing the truth about it,
doesn't he have a right to get drunk
once in a while?
Certainly he has, absolutely.
Tell me, do you believe in our
I'll stay up a while yet.
It's important we don't sleep.
I'm going to see Faust in his
Our Faust, Sartorius, is still seeking
his remedy against immortality.
While we...
Suppose we opened all the windows
and yelled down as loud as we could?
Do you think it would hear?
Only who shall we call to?
Maybe we should whip him
with birch leaves?
Or we could even pray to it...
What's the matter?
I think I closed the door...
She's alone there.
Go on. I feel a lot better.
The station changes its orbit.
At 17 hours there'll be
thirty seconds of weightlessness.
So don't forget.

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