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come in the middle of
the night to tell me that?
I'll tell you exactly
why I came.
We thought that since the ocean
extracts our visitors from us
during our sleep,
it might be in our interest to
communicate to it our waking thoughts.
- Yes, but how?
- By X-rays.
Perhaps it will get the message and
spare us all these apparitions.
Again your idiotic X-ray theories
about the greatness of science?
We'll modulate the beam
with the brain waves of one of us.
One of us means me, of course?
A transcription of my thoughts?
What if I want her to die,
to disappear?
Give everything back to that...
mass of jelly?
It's already invaded my soul.
Chris, we're losing time.
Sartorius has another project.
The annihilator. To destroy
only neutrino systems.
I convinced him that we should
start with the encephalogram.
And one more thing...
For now, forget all about it.
Tomorrow's my birthday.
You're invited.
- You're trying to patch it up?
- Yes, I am.
Not so loud, she's sleeping.
So she knows how to sleep already?
This is going to end badly.
What do you propose then?
Nothing. So you'll come?
To the library tomorrow?
We'll set up the table.
At least there are no windows there.
In the meantime let's go
and see Sartorius.
She's sleeping.
Suppose that she follows us?
Try leaving the door unlocked
this time.
What door?
It's just a mirage.
I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
Forgive me!
Why aren't you sleeping?
You don't love me.
Stop it.
- We have to talk.
- About what?
I don't know where I came from.
Do you know?
What are you talking about?
If you do know, and you can't
tell me, for some reason,
perhaps one day you will, Chris?
What are you talking about?
I don't understand anything.
You won't tell, you're afraid to.
So I'll have to tell you.
I'm not Hari.
Hari is dead...
She took poison.
And I'm someone else.
- Who've you been talking to?
- Sartorius told me.
When? Last night?
It would've been less painful
if you'd told me yourself.
Oh, my God! What's the difference?
How did you live all that time?
Were you in love with someone?
Did you ever think of me?
Sometimes, yes, not always.
Whenever I felt unhappy.
I think someone is playing a kind
of game with us
And the more they play,
the worse it will be for you.
I wish I knew how to help you.
The girl, the other one,
what happened to her?
We'd quarreled. Toward the end,
we used to quarrel a lot.
I packed my things and left her.
She made me understand...
She didn't say it in so many words...
When you've lived with a person long
enough, words aren't necessary.
I didn't think it was so serious,
but then I remembered that I'd
left the laboratory preparations
in the fridge, having explained
to her their effect.
I got scared and wanted to go to her,
but then I thought she'd understand
that I took her words seriously.
On the third day I did go to her
after all.
She was already dead. There was
an injection mark on her arm.
Like this?
Why do you think she did that?
I believe she felt
that I didn't love her anymore.
But I love you.
Chris! I love you so much.
Go to sleep.
I don't know how to sleep.
It seems like sleep, but it's not.
It's like a sleep within a sleep.
It doesn't come from inside me.
It's from far away.
It's still a kind of sleep.
I guess our hero
is not going to show up.
- Why?
- Perhaps he's having guests.
Oh, everybody's here!
You're one and a half hour late.
What is that you're reading?
This is all rubbish!
Where did I put it...
Where the devil... Here!
They come at night,
but a man needs his nights
for sleeping.
That's our problem.
Man has lost the gift of sleep.
You'd better read it. I'm a bit
"Senior, I know only one thing.
When I...
When I sleep,
I know no fear,
no hope,
no work, no blessing...
Blessings on him who invented sleep,
that balance and weight that
equals the shepherd with the king,
and the simple with the wise.

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