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high intensity rays.
Yes, but this is...
You're fortunate. This woman is
only part of your past.
Imagine if you had seen something else,
something unknown in your experience,
out of the recesses of your soul.
I don't see what you mean...
Apparently the ocean somehow
probed our brain centers,
from which it extracted
isolated bits of memory.
- You think she'll come back?
- She will and she won't.
- Hari the second...
- There may be many of her.
- Why didn't you warn me?
- You wouldn't have believed me.
I got scared and acted not very...
Don't berate yourself.
The point is to liquidate the station.
This is my mission.
If I make out the report,
will you sign it?
What if she were the contact
we've been waiting for, for so long?
The night is a blessed time here.
Somehow it reminds me of the earth.
You can also tie strips of paper
to the air vents.
At night you'll think you're hearing
leaves rustle in the dark.
Guibariane's invention. Like all
strokes of genius, it's so simple.
Sartorius said we were sentimental
but he has something like that
hidden in his closet.
Try and get some rest.
We'll meet in the library later.
I've prepared a list of books for you.
Snout, is that you?
Chris, where are you?
Come here.
It's so dark...
Come here, don't be afraid!
The door opens the other way!
Don't be afraid. I'll be right back.
When I saw that you weren't there,
I was afraid...
Hi, Chris!
I can hardly hear you.
What are you doing right now?
Sartorius wants to see us
in the laboratory.
Yes, I'll be right with you.
Chris, what's wrong with me?
Is it epilepsy?
This is my wife.
How do you do?
We've been waiting for you.
I couldn't get away sooner.
- Are these yours?
- No, they're Snout's.
As far as I'm able to observe,
they are structured...
Let's call them "The Visitors".
While our structure is atomical,
theirs is based on neutrinos.
But any neutrino system
would lack stability.
There must be a magnetic field out of
Solaris stabilizing them.
You've got an excellent specimen.
She is my wife!
My congratulations. I'm delighted.
Take a blood sample
from your "wife".
- Why should I?
- You'll see things a lot clearer.
What do you think, Snout?
I'm fed up with the lot of you!
I used acid to burn the blood,
but it regenerates itself.
Immortality! Faust's problem.
There's no need of absorbent cotton.
Are you qualified to perform
an autopsy?
She's my wife.
Don't you understand?
It's more humane to experiment on
them than on the earth rabbits.
It would be like cutting off
my own leg.
Did you feel pain
when you broke through the door?
Pain? Of course!
So if I ever catch you
attempting anything on her...
You're very lucky to have established
an emotional contact with them.
It may feel pleasant, but...
- What? Are you envious?
- Perhaps.
No, you can't feel any guilt,
the guilt is mine.
When you have turned yourself
into a hopeless cripple,
you can call on us.
We will empty your chamber pot.
- Toward whom are you guilty?
- Toward you, among others.
My father shot most of the film.
I shot bits of it.
Do you know...
I don't even know my own self.
Who am I?
As soon as I close my eyes I can't
recall what my face is like.
Do you know who you are?
Yes, all humans do.
That woman in the white fur coat,
she hated me.
That woman died long ago,
before we ever met.
Stop fooling me.
I do remember that I came over
for tea,
and she told me to leave the house.
So I left at once.
I remember it very well.
What happened after that?
After that, I went away. That was
the last time we ever saw each other.
Where did you go?
To another city.
- Why?
- I was transferred.
Why didn't you take me with you?
Because you refused to come.
Yes, I remember that.
Sorry, I thought
you were awake.
What's up?
The rate of regeneration has slowed.
For two or three hours we can be rid
of our visitors.
And you've

- Eorin shinbu

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