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he's dead.
All of us may die.
But he insisted upon being buried
on the earth.
Guibariane wanted to be in
the earth, with the worms.
Have you ever heard of Burton?
Yes, he was on the search party
for Fechner.
Fechner died a magnificent death,
and Guibariane was a coward.
Please... He's dead!
Why judge him?
Duty to the truth is the only concern
that should count.
You are misguided in your search.
This courage you pretend to
is only inhumanity.
Go away.
You're obviously overemotional.
You must adapt yourself.
Good health to you.
I saw Sartorius and we spoke.
I don't find him very likable.
He's a very talented scientist.
I'm afraid
I don't feel so well.
There's nothing wrong with you,
but you won't listen to advice.
Aside from the three of us, is there
anyone else on the station?
Did you see anything?
What were you warning me against?
What did you see?
A human being? Was she real?
Can she be touched or felt,
or wounded, hurt?
When did you see her the last time,
And you, how do I know
who you are?
- Where did she come from?
- Leave me alone!
You're afraid...
Don't worry, I'm not going
to think you're insane.
Me, insane? Oh God,
you know so little...
Madness would be a blessing!
Snout, listen...
It's all so absurd.
They don't understand anything.
They're sure that I've gone mad.
Though it's something like insanity,
I've got to do this.
I'm afraid that Snout and Sartorius
will try to force their way in.
They don't understand what they're
doing. I'm frightened, Chris...
I can't...
No one will ever understand...
Guibariane, open the door!
Don't be a fool!
That's us, Snout and Sartorius!
We want to help you!
They say they want to help me.
All right, quit knocking.
I'm my own judge.
Have you seen her?
Try to understand, Chris, I'm not mad.
It has to do with my conscience.
I really hoped
you'd get here in time.
How did you...
It's so good!
But you can't possibly... How did
you find out where I was?
What do you mean "find out"?
Don't, Chris, that tickles.
Where are my shoes?
No... they're not there.
Who's this?
Chris, this is me...
You know...
I have a feeling
as if I've forgotten something.
What's the matter with me?
Do you love me?
Why do you have to ask, Hari,
as if you didn't know.
I've got to go out.
I won't be long, wait here.
- Can't I come with you?
- No. I'll be back soon.
I don't know...
I can't...
You can't what?
I feel like I've got to be with you...
all the time, to see you...
Why are you being so childish?
I've work to do, Hari.
You're right, I'm acting childish.
As for you, you're as nervous
as Snout.
- As who?
- As Doctor Snout.
How do you know...
I've got to go.
If you want, you can come with me.
But you won't be able to get
into a suit with your dress on.
Help me, I can't do it by myself.
Why do you keep staring at me?SOLARIS
Part Two
- Get in.
- What about you?
In a minute.
I have to close the launch door.
Well, are you comfortable?
Yes, come quickly.
You might at least knock.
I thought
I heard you talking to someone.
All the more reason.
So you've had visitors?
You handle that very cleanly.
Well, you won't die from it.
I hope you used moderation
in the beginning.
Narcotics, poisons, barbiturates, eh?
If you came here to clown,
you might as well leave.
You're not going to tell me
you haven't tried the rope or hammer?
I don't suppose you threw an inkwell
as Luther did?
You just locked her in,
pressed the button and that's it!
Next time, you mustn't panic.
Try to launch it from the corridor.
- Do you know what it was?
- No.
But we've been able to establish
a theory at least.
- Who was it?
- She died ten years ago.
You've just seen the materialization
of the person you think you knew.
- What was her name?
- Hari.
This began after we experimented
with X-rays.
We wanted to test the ocean,
so we initiated a concentrated surface
sweep using

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