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we need to talk.
What I talked to Chris about was not
important. I should have told him
about Messenger who had
a different opinion at that meeting.
He got very much interested in
Fechner who died in Solaris Ocean.
It turned out that Fechner has an
orphaned son, he had left his family.
Messenger and I paid a visit
to Fechner's widow.
I saw this child with my own eyes.
You never told me about that.
- I didn't have a chance.
- All right, what about it?
He looked exactly like the child
I'd seen on Solaris.
Except that he wasn't twelve feet
It wouldn't be good for him
to think about it before the launch,
but he should remember this
when he's there.
There's no point in keeping these.
The only ones to be kept
are those in my room.
All my research notes, my thesis...
I wonder why we kept all these?
Should something happens, I'll find
someone to take care of them.
Oh, don't look for the film with
the campfire. I'm taking it with me.
Oh, sure, do that...
- Ready, Kelvin?
- Ready!
You have nothing to worry about.
Have a good trip.
- When is the lift-off?
- You're already under way!
Station Solaris!
Can you do something?
I seem to be losing stability.
Where are you all?
You've got company!
Doctor Snout?
I'm Kelvin, psychologist.
It appears you weren't expecting me.
Did you receive the radiogram?
Yes, certainly.
Why are you so upset?
I'm sorry...
Where is Guibariane?
And Sartorius?
Sartorius is in his quarters.
Guibariane is dead.
He committed suicide...
I knew Guibariane. It's not like
him to...
He was in a state
of profound depression.
Since these mysterious disorders
Maybe you'd better rest, take a bath.
You may take any room.
Come here in an hour.
I'm impatient to meet with
Guibariane... I mean Sartorius.
I doubt if he'll let you in.
He's up in his laboratory.
Listen, I'm aware that something
extraordinary has happened,
and perhaps I...
Doctor Kelvin...
You see...
Please, come in an hour.
Go now, and rest.
Now there're only three of us on
the station: you, me and Sartorius.
You know what we look like
from our photographs.
If you see anything out of
the ordinary, not me or Sartorius,
try not to lose your head.
- What would I see?
- That depends on you.
- Hallucinations?
- No... but don't forget.
- Forget what?
- That we're not on earth.
Why don't we have our talk tonight?
No, let's make it tomorrow morning!
Hello, Chris.
I still have a little time left.
There're certain things I must tell
that I must warn you about.
I suppose you've been told
what happened to me.
If not, Snout or Sartorius
can tell you the details.
What happened to me,
it matters little.
The trouble is that no one can really
explain it.
I'm afraid that what's happened to me
is only a beginning.
I wouldn't wish it, of course,
but it may happen to all of you.
Here, it may happen to anyone,
for sure.
But don't think that I've gone mad.
You know me well.
If I have enough time, I'll tell you
why I did this.
If it does happen to you,
you will know it's not madness.
That's the main thing.
As for continuing
our program of research,
I'm of the same opinion
as Sartorius.
Bombard the plasma of the ocean
by high-powered X-rays.
It's prohibited,
but there's no other choice.
We-or rather you-will be drawn in.
It may offer a way
to break this deadlock.
It's your only chance to establish
contact with this monster.
There's no other solution left.
If you...
Doctor Sartorius, my name is Kelvin.
I arrived two hours ago.
Look, I'm in a ridiculous
situation here.
Either you open up,
or I'll break the door!
All right, I'll open the door, but
don't come in. I'll come out.
My name is Kelvin.
You must have heard of me.
I worked with Guibariane.
Dr. Snout told me about Guibariane...
I can't believe it.
So, you know the story.
Yes, it's horrible. I have no details,
I only know

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