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And their dependable
A thief comes out
when it`s dark,
But we, the national
guards, are vigilant.
We despise of thieves.
Forward march! Duty calls!
We despise of thieves.
Forward march! Duty calls!
Cousin, don`t let anyone
out of the coaches!
- Where are you going, son-in-law?
- To order dinner.
There`s a gentleman outside.
He wants to see madam baroness.
- His name?
- He didn`t introduce himself.
He said, he had sent a letter
to madam baroness.
- He`s so punctual.
- You can tell he`s a foreigner.
- Receive him in the drawing-room.
- Don`t worry.
I wrote a romance in his honor.
My verses to folk music.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a surprise for you.
And what surprise!
But before the time comes let us
all go outside into the garden.
Please do come in, sir.
My friend!
- Please make yourself comfortable!
- Thank you.
- Do sit down.
- After you.
- What?
- About what?
You arrived by a fiacre?
- In fact it was rather hard.
- So uninhibited! A foreigner!
- Did you say something?
- Oh, no, no.
They say you are a big
admirer of beautiful legs.
- Calves` feet.
- How charming.
I find that story with the
ballet shoe really charming.
I`m sorry, I would really like
to speak to the baroness.
You hardly have any accent.
How is that possible? I would
take you for a Parisian.
Is he deaf? I said, I`d like
to talk to the baroness!
- I hear you. Madame de Champigny?
- Yes.
She will be here shortly.
How would you like a romance...
called ``The evening breeze``?
- Me? What about you?
- I think it is a fresh idea.
Imagine: cows grazing
in the meadow,
a young bull-calf, a bull, and
everyone is stacking hay.
And a young shepherd.
So very-very young.
- Very actual.
- Pardon my persistence, but...
I`m sorry I kept you waiting.
- Not to worry, baroness...
- Thank you so much for coming.
- He speaks without an accent.
- This place is splendid.
The one thing I can`t give you
though is the sky of Italy.
I wouldn`t accept it.
It would hamper me.
Only a true artist could
put it so poetically.
You will agree that Italy
is a beautiful country?
The viscount wrote this
romance in your honor.
In my honor?
Beautiful country.
Belissimo! Belissimo!
- Bambino.
- Viscount, if you please.
( song )
I hold memories of a
magical country,
Of the sweet scent
of its blossoming gardens,
The whiteness of its palaces
and sculptures,
The picturesque disarray
of its cliffs,
And its wheaten fields...
A-a a-a a-a...
Where succulent ears
exchange quiet whispers,
Playing hide-and-seek with
the wind.
And its wheaten fields...
Where succulent ears
exchange quiet whispers,
Playing hide-and-seek with
the wind.
The straw then goes to make
straw hats, that horses feed on.
- What do you mean?
- You have received my letter...
Where you had the honor,
no, I had the honor...
I`m nervous, I`m sorry. Where
I had the honor of mentioning...
And with such tact!
I had the honor of mentioning,
that kindness...
- is the main virtue of a woman.
- I beg your pardon?
- What does he mean?
- Must be poor vocabulary.
I think music is the most
beautiful thing in the world?
- Yes! Yes!
- What splendor! What fire!
What passion! Music is eternal!
Let music be forever!
Why aren`t you working on
- Remember, I wrote you a letter?
- Yes.
- And I will save it to the last day.
- And that`s all?
- And what do you think of Bolboni?
- Nothing.
Baroness, I had the privilege
of asking you...
Forgive me my
- Is it really that important?
- Like a horse to an Arab!
What southern ardour,
seignior Nenardi!
Tell the guests that the great
Nenardi will sing for them. Yes?
- Yes.
- Leave us.
Very well. Chiao, seignior!
Your arm, monsieur.
While the guests are gathering
to hear the Bologna nightingale,
I suggest we go for a walk
in the garden.
Father, if you move from
here I`ll kill you!
- Will there be


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