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Yes, and I am not quite like
all the other milliners.
I am virtuous, I don`t
have a lover...
... at the moment.
Be careful there.
We`re thirsty.
God damn these country
To get married on such a hot
day! God, my back is killing me.
Children, there`s the Mayor with
his triple-colour scarf.
Come here everyone.
My shirt is soaking wet,
and tomorrow...
Where`s my flannel
Here it is. I can change into
something dry at last.
God, it is stuffy here!
Sir, this is the bride.
Say ``hello``.
- My daughter.
- My cousin.
This is our family.
Good morning.
Are we ready to start then?
This must be the marriage
registration book.
We have to put
our signatures here.
- And those who can`t write?
- They put a cross.
Antoine Petipiere.
I don`t need your names.
Strange. They always ask our
Antoine his name.
Make it quick, It`s very hot.
Antoine Vuature Petipiere, but
the surname is Nonencure.
Forgive me my nervousness.
Your address?
- I have all the rights of a
lawful citizen. - Your address?
I am a permanent member of the
Siracusa Gardeners` Society.
- Spare me the details.
- A permanent member...
- Shut up, Baben.
- Born in Grobois on December 1808
I don`t need to listen to your
I`ve finished.
He`s so caustic, the mayor.
Your turn, uncle.
Before I took on the
responsibilities of best man...
Faster, It`s too hot.
... I made a point of carefully
studying what they are.
I`m sure to catch pleurisy.
I realized a best man must
have three qualities.
- Where`s my son-in-law?
- That`s quite true.
As the French saying goes...
``To know the taste of wine
one needn`t drink a barrel.``
If you wait, I`ll write out one
just like that from Florence.
You`ll get it in two weeks.
- 15 days?
- Yes.
I know only one hat like
that in our town.
Claire, I`ll by it.
- It`s not for sale.
- Why?
I doubt it that baroness
de Champigny would want to...
Claire, you know
how much I love you.
- You know, don`t you?
- I know, I know.
- Quiet!
- Cousin Leonidas, what is this?
I`m dead.
My son-in-law - kissing
a woman?
- The debauchee!
- On the day of his wedding!
- Third, he must be a Frenchman.
- Don`t go on.
Cross out everything!
I dissolve the arrangement!
I take my daughter back!
Baben, I give her to you, take her.
What is this all about,
- Why did you leave the fiacres?
- I dissolve the arrangement.
- I already heard that.
- And don`t try to negotiate.
And you`re asking why?
You know why!
They caught you with Colombine,
you miserable Harlequin.
She`s not Colombine,
she`s my cousin.
Enough. I have to change
- Wait!
- I can`t.
- Where`s he going?
- Uncle...
Shut up, Baben! You must
introduce your cousin to us.
I will invite her to the
No, no, that`s impossible.
She is in mourning.
In a pink dress?
This is a town, not your
She is in mourning over
her poor husband.
Let me go, for god`s sake!
Let me go!
I have to change into my
flannel waistcoat!
Let him through!
- Let him attend to the body!
- Yes, my own body!
Gentlemen, I begged you...
to stay where you were.
Can`t you see,
I`m in mourning!
Can`t you see what state I`m in!
And you, member of this...
- Siracusa...
- Gardeners` Society!
Maybe one day a member of
the French Academy!
Tread on my heels and get
in the way!
- Gentlemen...
- Calm down.
Calm down, calm down.
- Claire, where does she live?
- Who?
- The baroness with the hat, fool.
- Fool?
- Fool?
- Claire, I love you.
- Give me the address.
- Fadinard will tell you.
I am Fadinard.
You`ve gone mad over me.
I got it all confused. Tradivo.
You will never marry me.
- I will. Some day.
- Come back, Fadinard?
This is not just a nuthouse,
but a nuthouse with draughts.
- I`m going home.
- No, you take a pen and paper!
I got up at 6 a.m., made a fire
and shaved with a bad razor.
``Madam, the future of two


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