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one and I see a sign:
``We speak only English``.
I come in and find that they
speak only French.
Isn`t that infamy?
I`d say it is.
There`s another sign saying:
``No bargaining``.
But I bargain and they
take off 9 sou.
All right, I pay, and instead of
5 sou I get 4 for change.
Well isn`t that infamy?
It is.
And they want us to
think good of mankind.
Today the two of us will be
night-watching again.
We shall drink sweet water,
because beer is bad for me.
- Not for me.
- It`s bad for me.
It gives me a burning sensation
and uneasiness right here.
My god, it`s hot today!
A worm crawls about in my
head since this morning.
And this night watch. I had to
get out of my military jacket.
It`s not appropriate for a
fashion parlor...
Monsieur Tradivo, you`re way
over 50, and your leg...
I`m 60, sir.
But the government paid me the
of extending the term of
my military service.
France, my friend, is still in
need of our services.
There`s scum all around. They
stole my handkerchief.
Please keep watch over them.
There are more bastards
than you think.
I personally suspect, there`s
a bastard in everyone.
Madame Bacardon is
expecting you.
My congratulations,
you are late again.
I`m sorry, Madame,
but it`s not my fault.
Yesterday I bought a new
They said the blade was
sharp, but it isn`t.
I have an assignment for you.
You will hurry...
I can`t hurry anywhere.
I have to change.
You`ll go to the braid shop...
and bring triple-colored
scarves. The mayor`s order.
But my shirt is soaking wet.
You`re still here?
All right, I`ll change when
I come back.
I`ve been asking for pneumonia
all day,
and now I`m gonna
get it for sure.
My god, another wedding.
No wonder I had a bad dream:
I was kissing a notary officer
... and two lawyers.
My head is spinning.
The mayor is not here yet.
We need to complete formaliies.
No one is to leave the
carriages. Stay where you are.
I warn everyone! This is the
city, not your village!
Madame, I need a hat made
of Italian straw.
Hurry up, quick.
Is that you, darling?
Claire. That`s terrible.
You don`t have those?
I`ll drop by later.
At last!
- Where did you come from?
- I came from far away.
- After 6 months?
- There wasn`t a single coach.
So this is how you treat women!
I must admit, I was somewhat
- Somewhat wrong?
- There we go again.
At the funeral of my poor husband...
- Why poor?
- I know better.
- There was a terrible rain.
- A drizzling.
- I remember it better.
- All right, all right.
You led me into this
dark vault...
- The vault was very cozy.
- Really?
But then you said:
``Wait, I`ll go get an umbrella``.
And like a fool, I waited.
It`s been 6 months,
and now you show up
without an umbrella.
Don`t exaggerate.
Not 6, but only 5 and a half.
- As for the umbrella, I forgot.
- Really?
It`s a good thing you reminded
me. I`ll go get it now.
No. I demand an explanation.
Children, be careful!
I advise you to behave
in the proper manner.
Don`t take your gloves off.
As for me...
- Put your tree down.
- The emblem.
I will part with it as soon as
I part with my daughter.
- Father, it hurts here.
- Move, and it`ll pass.
Father, what will they do to me?
Nothing. All you have to do is
look down humbly...
and say ``yes``, and it`ll be over.
Claire, darling, you know
how much I love you.
This man promised
to marry me.
I promise you I will keep
my promise.
- If you marry someone else...
- Not another word!
- Marry someone else - never.
- Never?
I need a hat made of
Italian straw...
With poppies. And fast.
- For another woman?
- What other woman?
For a dragoon captain who
wants to decorate the head...
of his captain.
I don`t believe you. But I`ll
forgive you on one condition.
You`ll have lunch
with me right now.
- Lunch? Now?
- Yes.
- And tonight...
- Tonight...
Wonderful idea of how
to kill the evening.
A hat parlour was a
brilliant idea.

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