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The wedding procession
is waiting outside.
You should have greeted
us at the gate.
- And kissed everyone.
- Answer me!
Listen, she`s ill with tic.
Why haven`t I noticed?
I understand, to you we are
country folks.
You`re starting to despise
of your family already.
Have some purgative,
it`ll calm you down.
The marriage arrangements have
not been finalized. Cancel it!
- God dammit!
- You`ve treaded on father`s foot.
She`s twitching.
- Stop waving this besom!
- It`s not a besom!
- What is it then?
- It`s an emblem!
You`re laughing at us.
We`re simple farmers.
We`re gardeners, uncle!
I want to set up this myrtle tree...
in my daughter`s bedroom,
so that she could tell me...
They`re all twitching!
It must be genetic!
Here doggy. Come to daddy.
Father, the pin is scratching
my back.
How terrible!
So that was a pin?
What a relief!
- I`ll fix it.
- What are you doing?
- We grew up together.
- But you`ve already grown.
- I`ll do it myself.
- Run around, it`ll fall out.
Baben, help your cousin. We`re
going to the Mayor`s office.
The Mayor`s office is that way.
But I`m going this way.
No, I forbid you! You can`t go
there! Don`t forget this!
Take your seats in the carriages!
- This is my nephew.
- Grand-nephew.
Off we go. Here, hold your
Where did you come from?
Mr. Felix allowed me to look
at the presents.
- What is this?
- A present from Mr. Felix?
Give it to me.
- My housemaid. We`re dead.
- She goes, or I`ll kill you.
Go away, mademoiselle,
or I`ll kill you!
What is this is all about?
She`s about to faint!
Madame, let go of the curtain.
Take her.
My housemaid recognized that
hat. She will tell my husband.
- Your husband?
- Yes, her husband.
He`s a jealous boor.
- Not the bed! The bed is sacred!
- Stay there!
I`m not going home without
my hat.
My husband sees everything in
a grim light. His imagination...
- Will play up and...
- He will go mad with jealousy.
- I think I`m going to die.
- Not here, please!
This place is not suited
for that.
We have to get you another
hat like that.
That`s right! The aborigine
is right!
If you look around some shops
in the neighborhood...
Me? Are you crazy?
Don`t you see I`m dying!
Can`t you see the lady is near
death? Get her a glass of water.
- But you`re not dying.
- I can`t leave the lady.
- Son-in-law, where are you?
- I`m coming!
- Are we going or are we not?
- My friend!
( Anais moans )
The hat won`t just appear
all by itself.
That`s true. It won`t.
- That`s why...
- Listen...
That`s why you have to go,
to rush, to fly!
- I beg you...
- No.
It`s impossible. I`m getting
And the wedding procession is
waiting outside.
- I couldn`t care less!
- You don`t care?
Not in the least. We`re not
leaving until she has a hat...
... exactly like this one!
And pay attention to the
quality of the straw.
That is an important remark.
You expect me run around
like a rabbit looking for your hat?
- Are you going or are you not?
- Don`t touch my chairs!
Leave my furniture alone!
What shall I do with the fiacres
and the Mayor?
I`ll go and tell my
father-in-law everything.
Either you get her the hat, or
there will be no wedding.
I`ll help you because
I understand your situation.
Only please don`t ruin my
furniture with your fingernails.
My father-in-law! My fiancee.
To the Mayor`s office!
Off we go!
- Has monsieur Tradivo arrive yet?
- No, not yet.
He`s too old. We`ll have to get
someone younger.
Monsieur Jacques, a sermon is
a good thing,
but to tell you the truth,
our world...
if so full of lies, treachery
and theft.
- That is debatable.
- I`ll give you an example.
Last night, no sooner than I
walked 3 steps away from my door
... I was robbed of my
Good morning, monsieur Tradivo.
How are you feeling?
Not too good.
Where was I? Yes, so they
stole my handkerchief.
So I go to a shop to buy myself
a new

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