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skittish little thing.
- No!...
- May you burn if fire!
- Next to a fire-station.
All right, I agree.
I am about to offer my
... but the officer interferes.
``You rotten shrimp!`` -
he yells at me.
You don`t know me.
I blow my top,
he throws himself at me,
I throw myself...
in the saddle, and here I am.
Before I left I threw a coin
worth 20 francs,
or maybe 20 sou,
I don`t remember.
I will have to count my money.
Eat, don`t you want to?
Did you see that?
What time do we go to
the Mayor`s office?
- At 10.
- What?
At 10 o`clock.
- Thank you.
- I`m sorry.
That`s right. One more time.
Thank you.
At 10 o`clock.
Maybe I will have time to take
a nap, if you don`t mind?
You will make me happy.
There you go.
( sings )
Ivette, Lisette, Musette,
Jeanette, Georgette,
You`ve warmed my heart
like the July sun,
Until you`re with me, I swear,
my song is not over.
Ivette, Lisette, Musette,
Jeanette, Georgette.
Until you`re with me, I swear,
my song is not over.
Ivette, Lisette, Musette,
Jeanette, Georgette.
Ivette, Lisette, Musette,
Jeanette, oh... Georgette.
Ivette, Lisette, Musette,
Jeanette, Georgette...
Colette, Paulette, Flo... Oh!
It is mahogany paradise!
And these suede curtains...
Chairs - expensive but stylish.
Why so expensive?
Yes, furniture has gone up in price.
Ideal for a honeymoon.
And my little wife will
be here any minute now.
I think I will be faithful
to her.
She`s so charming in that orange
blossom garland.
- That`s it, uncle.
- What?
That`s it!
A quiet family life.
It`s good. No thinking where
to go in the evening.
How terrible.
- Good-bye, nephew.
- Good-bye, uncle.
- Come here.
- What?
Oh yes, the family tradition...
Enough is enough.
I can`t take any more.
When I get married I`ll put an
end to all this kissing.
- Thank you, that`s mutual.
- He doesn`t here a thing!
Don`t be afraid, I`m with you!
Come in, madam, and don`t
be afraid of anything.
Come in.
Your visit is a great
But to be honest with you...
You didn`t expect to see us
again, monsieur?
- Emile, don`t make a scene!
- Don`t worry.
- I`m here to protect you.
- But I must say...
Would you at least offer
the lady a chair!
You`re welcome.
- The lady would like to sit down?
- Yes!
I didn`t know.
This aborigine irritates me.
- Let`s cut our visit short.
- As short as possible.
You ought to learn
good manners.
- Lieutenant!
- Sir!
I have already graduated.
- You left us in the forest.
- I was in a hurry.
- You dropped this by chance?
- Oh, yes, 20 sou, I`m sorry.
- What is this?
- 20 francs for the hat.
I promised my lady
that I will stay calm.
I didn`t think the hat... Here,
there`s another 3 francs.
- We don`t want your money!
- What is it you want then?
- I demand an apology!
- I relieve you of that duty.
By no means, my lady!
I am not refusing
to offer an apology...
- However I didn`t eat your hat.
- No.
- Why hang a hat on a branch?
- Yes.
- A tree is not a rack.
- No.
And why walk in the forest with
an officer? That`s suspicious.
What is that supposed to mean?
- Monsieur Tavernier...
- Who?
It is me!
- He`s my cousin.
- Your cousin, I understand.
We went for a walk to talk
about his future.
I wanted to give him
some good advice.
- And you took your hat off?
- Yes.
- God dammit!
- Don`t break my chairs!
- Let`s close the matter.
- Will you offer your apologies?
With pleasure.
I`m in a terrible hurry.
Please accept my assurances
of my revered respect...
And, all right, I will give
a thrashing to my horse.
- That`s not enough!
- I`ll send it to penal servitude!
- Sir!
- Don`t break my furniture!
Where`s my son-in-law?
Where`s that bumpkin?
My god!
It is the end.
If he sees a woman in my house,
I`m dead.
What shall I do?
Son-in-law, I cancel all
arrangements! You are a lout!
Father, what have I done?
Ladies and gentlemen,
It`s a pleasure to

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